torstai 23. huhtikuuta 2009

Backpack project o´mine

soo,i got hold of pretty large piece of 600d waterproof ripstop nylon,and its even olive drab green,so i thought id give it a shot to become some type of medium sized rugged,simple backpack,im thinking a lot of those sling-packs with just one shoulder strap and waist belt.i bought bag full of locks,adjusters,strap materials,mesh cushio and some other small parts,only few zippers are missing anymore.and someone to sew it together,haah.ill be posting pics of it as i m now startin to cut pieces.

it has to be big enough to carry small gas cooker,pot,mug,blanket or summer sleepingbag,and spaceblanket,and maybe it will have small utility pocket for mre or similar necessities.
it would be cool to add molle webbing to it but it would not be simple then anymore.