tiistai 14. joulukuuta 2010

Bushcooker & instant coffee break.

As i got this Bushcooker,a genious little and light twig-burning device lying around i wanted to try it out for the very first time,and it prooved to be very efficient,and therefore somehow worth its price. Offcourse,its handbuilt too,and that itself costs and i totally understand that as well.

It fits like a glove inside Primus Litech Kettle,with one liter capacity,making it unbelievable easy to stuff in even the smallest packs and it forms,with pack of matches,a good,reliable small kitchen for the outdoorsmen. You dont have to worry about carrying enough gas cartridges,nor filling your liquid fuel bottles,since all the fule to this gadget can be found lying on the forest,trails and beaches. And it isnt so polluting either,that way.

You only have to pick up the part that acts as a pot supporting legs,inside the stove,turn it so the legs point to the sky,and drop in above the stove,Then fill the thingy with pieces of wood,and other burning materials found in the campsite,and set the fire going on. I only boiled some packed fresh snow into water and then added some great tasting instant Nescafe Cappucino-coffee by Nestle,and watched the flames till they ran out,enjoying this potfull of sweet warm drink. This particular stove,by the way,burns also the gas fumes of burning wood,making it more effective and i was actually bit astonished to notice that there wasnt even much of ash left inside the stove as i started to pack it again,inside the Primus kettle.

Alltogether,in my eyes this is a step into light backpacking,not into ultralight i think but on my scale this sure doesnt weight anything and yet it allows man to cook a decent hot meal during a hike.
Great little product,worth its price.

No,i did Not get it from manufacturer nor from any importer for free sample.

tiistai 7. joulukuuta 2010

Outdoors Belt

As i got some time ago this US Army pistol belt,ive been trying to add some useful stuff into it,so i dont have to always carry everything in my normal trouser belt,nor in the packs on my back and pockets in my jacket. This set-up has started to serve me in a decent way and i think it will remain like this for this winter. I do own also a butt-pack and harmess for the belt, and im trying to discover the possibilities it has to offer since id like to carry my gear for dayhikes or over-nighters like that,without backpack at all.

Now my belt has been rigged with:
-T.K full-tang utility knife
-Victorinox Swiss Tool
-Fenix TK20 flashlight
-Possibles pouch,that contains utensils,matches,small first aid kit,sewing kit,and such.
-Carabiner for hanging my kuksa or Kupilka cup.
-Loop to hang my winter mittens.

-Whats missing is the surplus canteen pouch,with a canteen and its steel cup.

I have attached the gear in a very simple way,meaning pieces of paracord.Easy to remove and reliable.

And when i can ill be making one axe for this belt too,from an old Billnäs axe head,and a carrier for it. This way i can just grab my belt and step outside the door and do my things in the woods without stuffing everything again,time after time,to pockets and bags,nor do i have to take off my regular belt and slip in multitool sheaths,flashlight pouches etc. By adding that buttpack and harness,i can carry bit more and it will distribute the belts weight better. I already have tried to fill the buttpack and it easily takes gear like poncho,meal,canteen in it,and under it you can attach a blanket. Just about everything for a picknick :).

Its needless to say that i would change this belt into traditional sami /lapland belt but they cost like 10 times this belts value and i think there wouldnt be any real difference between the durability or anything.Style,thats another factor.

maanantai 6. joulukuuta 2010

Independence day coffee moment , itsenäisyyspäivän kahvihetki.

Heres a quick shot from my latest trip,that ended up this morning with a cup of coffee made above fire. Today is our independence day and i honour,as always the older people who worked in homes and fought in trenches and woods to gain our freedom,to stop the russians from taking this beautiful land.

I am in not,in any way, interested in political turns during war,my honour and gratitude goes totally to the men that made it all happen,especially during harsh winter time war,in frontlines,in the backs of enemy,in the supporting squads and field medical tasks,i salute every person who defended us, by doing something  with their own hands...and also to the mothers and folks back in the home´s who had to raise the kids,feed the familymembers with what they had in hands,and it wasnt much.


In modern Finland,thanks to war veterans and gone heroes,i can enjoy freedom to walk in to the woods,set up a fire and enjoy the silence,sounds of the campfire, let my hands warm in the glaze and carry my coffee pot and axe freely.
During war,and long after that i bet average joe couldnt afford a premium coffee,like we do in todays free Finland. I got mine from Paulig, and i can tell you its fine tasting indeed,this dark roast.

Even the pot i have,is traditional and back in the wardays there has been similar designs,that i know. Mine isnt old and beaten,its actually in its first use in that picture,and i thank OPA company for mine. Coffee pots like these fit needs more than well,and this one surely will last longer in camp-fire use,than any aluminium hiking model.

Ill be writing more about this trip later,both in Finnish and in English.