tiistai 14. joulukuuta 2010

Bushcooker & instant coffee break.

As i got this Bushcooker,a genious little and light twig-burning device lying around i wanted to try it out for the very first time,and it prooved to be very efficient,and therefore somehow worth its price. Offcourse,its handbuilt too,and that itself costs and i totally understand that as well.

It fits like a glove inside Primus Litech Kettle,with one liter capacity,making it unbelievable easy to stuff in even the smallest packs and it forms,with pack of matches,a good,reliable small kitchen for the outdoorsmen. You dont have to worry about carrying enough gas cartridges,nor filling your liquid fuel bottles,since all the fule to this gadget can be found lying on the forest,trails and beaches. And it isnt so polluting either,that way.

You only have to pick up the part that acts as a pot supporting legs,inside the stove,turn it so the legs point to the sky,and drop in above the stove,Then fill the thingy with pieces of wood,and other burning materials found in the campsite,and set the fire going on. I only boiled some packed fresh snow into water and then added some great tasting instant Nescafe Cappucino-coffee by Nestle,and watched the flames till they ran out,enjoying this potfull of sweet warm drink. This particular stove,by the way,burns also the gas fumes of burning wood,making it more effective and i was actually bit astonished to notice that there wasnt even much of ash left inside the stove as i started to pack it again,inside the Primus kettle.

Alltogether,in my eyes this is a step into light backpacking,not into ultralight i think but on my scale this sure doesnt weight anything and yet it allows man to cook a decent hot meal during a hike.
Great little product,worth its price.

No,i did Not get it from manufacturer nor from any importer for free sample.

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Fimbulmyrk kirjoitti...

I have heard of it as a great device but was not aware where to get it!

Keri Hulme even mentioned some cooker like yours in her great fictional book.;-)

I will look into it, and it might be one of my next buys... or project maybe?

Perkunas kirjoitti...

Well theres an interesting topic,making your own,since i was just today,drawing sketches,to produce my own version of similar device. I have acces to tig welders and such so it wouldnt be even a problem,if id only managed to decide how should it be.

I have already made a several big wood burning stoves to heat up small cabins too :)

Fimbulmyrk kirjoitti...

I´ll think of it and let you know of the progress;-).

May take a while, though, too many ideas to be worked off...

You´d have to take responsibility for that, you know!;-)

Smoking oven, cooker, outdoor cuisine... my head´s humming!

Albert A Rasch kirjoitti...

What a great stove. I've seen several versions of it for NGOs to distribute in poor areas. I think, with your good reccomendation, that I am going to pick one of those up for myself.

Who's to say it's not from the Narco-Terrorists? It's not that hard to get a complete set up now-a-days...

Best Regards,
Albert “Afghanus” Rasch
Albert Rasch In Afghanistan: She had Beautiful Green Eyes…

Aro kirjoitti...


Laitahan osoitteesi ja nimi tulemaan(voit laittaa reilusti omat tiedot, koska viestit mun blogiin tulee niin että tarkistan ne ensin, eli kukaan muu ei niitä näe kuin minä) niin pussi Jerkyä lähtee sinne suuntaan.

Yritän huomenna postittaa joten jouluksi pitäisi tulla tai viimeistään ennen uuttavuotta