tiistai 7. joulukuuta 2010

Outdoors Belt

As i got some time ago this US Army pistol belt,ive been trying to add some useful stuff into it,so i dont have to always carry everything in my normal trouser belt,nor in the packs on my back and pockets in my jacket. This set-up has started to serve me in a decent way and i think it will remain like this for this winter. I do own also a butt-pack and harmess for the belt, and im trying to discover the possibilities it has to offer since id like to carry my gear for dayhikes or over-nighters like that,without backpack at all.

Now my belt has been rigged with:
-T.K full-tang utility knife
-Victorinox Swiss Tool
-Fenix TK20 flashlight
-Possibles pouch,that contains utensils,matches,small first aid kit,sewing kit,and such.
-Carabiner for hanging my kuksa or Kupilka cup.
-Loop to hang my winter mittens.

-Whats missing is the surplus canteen pouch,with a canteen and its steel cup.

I have attached the gear in a very simple way,meaning pieces of paracord.Easy to remove and reliable.

And when i can ill be making one axe for this belt too,from an old Billnäs axe head,and a carrier for it. This way i can just grab my belt and step outside the door and do my things in the woods without stuffing everything again,time after time,to pockets and bags,nor do i have to take off my regular belt and slip in multitool sheaths,flashlight pouches etc. By adding that buttpack and harness,i can carry bit more and it will distribute the belts weight better. I already have tried to fill the buttpack and it easily takes gear like poncho,meal,canteen in it,and under it you can attach a blanket. Just about everything for a picknick :).

Its needless to say that i would change this belt into traditional sami /lapland belt but they cost like 10 times this belts value and i think there wouldnt be any real difference between the durability or anything.Style,thats another factor.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Nice belt setup, bud. I also like to go for overnighters without a backpack, but in my case I put stuff on my belt and in a Finnish army gas mask bag and then attach my shelter stuff to a strap which I carry over my shoulder. There are unlimited ways to do it. :)

Joel kirjoitti...

That's an idea that appeals to me. I don't like carrying a back pack; I have a gas mask bag but it does not take all I'd like to take, so a belt like that would do what I want I think. Good idea, I may pinch the idea here too!

Jared kirjoitti...

Nice belt arrangement, very practical and rugged.
I also use a Finnish gas mask bag for some of my bigger items. It's a useful size and it was very cheap too.
Thanks for sharing.