tiistai 11. toukokuuta 2010

British cooker set-up

British cooker set-up...

Man ive been dreaming of getting one of the bottle,2 cups & burner kit that brits seem to use,in army etc,and slowly,bit by bit,through out trading stuff and so son,i have finally managed to get a set up like this.

It is made out of one liter(appr.) black,Osprey made field canteen,nice quality,even the cap has rubber seals.Next comes the black plastic cup that nests on top of the bottle.And then,the third piece is stainless steel cooking pot/cup/mug,which is about the same as the plastic one but can be used on top of fire to boil some water or cook some meal.

Fourth piece,the last one,is the burner itself...made out of rugged tin,steel wire and point welded small "cup" where you place the fuel block,cube,gel or even meths.

Cups have folding wire handles and the burner has the folding wire thing taht you just drop down when assembling for cooking,and you place the steel cup on top the laid wires,thats about as hard as it ever will get:)

So far ive been very very happy for this kit,its powerful enough for few cups of boiled water and everything that ive wanted to heat up or boil.Its bit of rarity here ive noticed as my buddies and few classmates have been interested about this one.

sunnuntai 2. toukokuuta 2010

Bird watching etc

Early tomorrow im heading for 5 day /4 night long bird identifying course.
Franly i am not interested so much to know all the little birds but its part of my training...id rather see birds that i can use on my plate actually but this is how it goes :)

Then a week full of traditional wilderness skills,and after that,most likely im heading for ten day long work training,500 kilometers from my address,and there will be loads of canoe/kayak action i heard.