sunnuntai 25. maaliskuuta 2012

Backroads & spring

Almost every day i stumble up on pages telling that the snow is melting quickly away. Luckily not here  :).

We´ve been clearing out the road to cabin, and theres still some 20-30 tree trunks, from 4 inch to 12 inch diameter to saw and pull away, loads of work before we can easily haul gear and supplies to the cabin. Offcourse we can use snowshoes and ski´s, pulks and sleds, but 100 liters of diesel, 2 chainsaws, etc goes easier with 4x4 `s.

Theres still some....i donno...50+ centimeters averywhere and in the deeper parts almost meter.

- 31" legal, non off-road studded wheels.
- 2" inch lift.
- sway bars removed.
- intercoolers cover mesh removed.
- +30 hp chip.
- free flow air filter.
- better flowing bigger exhaust with catalysator.
Thats about it, nothing serious done to it.

sunnuntai 4. maaliskuuta 2012

This day, sunny one, chillin´ at the cabin.

Today i was trying out the leuku´s and hopefully i get the rest of testin´done in a week so i can post the sequel of my first post about those 5 leukus.

Anyways, it was a sunny warm day, just some -5 C degrees, and i was hanging out at my friends cabin by the lake. I´ve been plowing the snows off from his yard road, and yard, and general small maintenance as he´s a travlein man and this 100 years old place of his is  mostly un-used. So i get to be there a lot all by myself .

                                           Small kit, more than enough for short easy "walks in the park".

We packed some wood in one of my ahkio´s ( the sled) and walked across the icy lake, just some 2.5 kilometers from our home to his cabin,and my gf made a small fire in the grill when i was using an auger and my vintage Billnäs trenching shovel to make an hole thru the ice, so we can skinny dip in the lake while bathing in sauna, and to get water in the buckets, for sauna use.

Aside the leuku testing and taking photos of em, we didnt do much, it took some elbow grease to make the hole, and smash the opening big enough for man to dip in it. We just fried some bacon and eggs in the grill, and i put a fire in the small stove of the cabin, and just hanged out, i tried to play with leukus and tell my girlfrined how to throw suopunki that i bringed along. One lesson o learned, was that i REALLY have to get some high-quality rechargable batteries for my camera as once again the older  but charged batteries i had, ran out wayyyy to early and i missed many good chances for better pictures.

...well i did and extreme task of boiling a cup of coffee in teh stove, if thats worth mentioning :) ?

                                           Habit often forgotten. The prepped wood for fast & easy firemaking for the next visit / visitor.

Some 2.5 hours in sauna, at comfort of 120c degrees, took the juice off, and then we just washed and packed our gear,  i prepped some small wood so its easy to put up the fire at next time..Then we slowly walked across the lake back to home, and i am feeling pretty darn relaxed and sleepy, cant complain about that.