sunnuntai 14. helmikuuta 2010

Busy busy

I havent been posting lately much at all,im sorry,but as i have my arm broken,its now recovering slowly and ive been able to study again.During this weekend i have made it through hygiene claases to have my hygiene pass,so i can work with food etc,and from tomorrow morning im taking first aid #2 for three days,to renew my first aid #2 card.

After that,if my arm aint aching so bad im about to hassle with that cool little cooker i received,and crkt survival knife,to have some more stuff posted up here in my own blog.

tiistai 9. helmikuuta 2010

Enzo Trapper 01 carbon steel,ready...almost,that is.

Well i ive been having time now,as im on sick vacation so ive been doing this Enzo Trapper in 01 carbon steel,a kit knife from Brisa´s web shop.
And it seems that its getting ready,as ive been adding the pins,grinding off the excess pin material,shaping the handles and i also got one sheath done,single handed.
When i get my arm fully funtioning i know i will sand off the handles better to make the pins and micarta to be in same smooth level etc,and dye the sheath when i get some dye from somewhere.I havent Really used it yet,i have only used trapper for cutting leather and such,ive whittled fuzzsticks to light a fire in our sauna,but havent really been able to get the best out of it yet but when i do,ill be writing some impressions again.