tiistai 9. helmikuuta 2010

Enzo Trapper 01 carbon steel,ready...almost,that is.

Well i ive been having time now,as im on sick vacation so ive been doing this Enzo Trapper in 01 carbon steel,a kit knife from Brisa´s web shop.
And it seems that its getting ready,as ive been adding the pins,grinding off the excess pin material,shaping the handles and i also got one sheath done,single handed.
When i get my arm fully funtioning i know i will sand off the handles better to make the pins and micarta to be in same smooth level etc,and dye the sheath when i get some dye from somewhere.I havent Really used it yet,i have only used trapper for cutting leather and such,ive whittled fuzzsticks to light a fire in our sauna,but havent really been able to get the best out of it yet but when i do,ill be writing some impressions again.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

That is one beautiful sheath! I wish i had half your talent for leather working. I made a sheath for my Mora 510 recently. I was going to post about, but I think I need more practice!

Perkunas kirjoitti...

Oh c´mon,you should see that sheath in real life or something,its not anything awesome.I havent ecer tried to do those british styled before this,i mean that it has more like square shape,but i havent seen many with flap closures and as i like those too,i combined these two things into one sheath.Those decorations i did with some rounded stainöess flathead screwdriver head and some sort of pizza-cutter,nothing fancy about those :).Stitching is once again,made with only eye accuracy,and such.

Just post your sheath thing,please,im always intrested to see all sorts of Do-It-yourself try-outs and products,they beat those factory mades any day,as theyre all unique,no matter how coarse or fine,how skilled the makers been,etc.To me bushcrafts is also greatly about making it yourself,learning the skills,rather than spending and posing with never-used high-end artifacts.