keskiviikko 28. huhtikuuta 2010

Bit of handcrafts...

Heres a few shots of some more recent crafts that ive done.

Theres a simple,rough,user puukko,forged from round bar of high carbon steel,with birch bark sheath that i dyed  to more reddish tone.

Two simple flint strikers,these models were-i hear-more common to the regular,average joe back in the days,as this simple model that has less material and takes les stime to fabricate was cheaper than the everyones favourite,symmetrical "two horn" model that i mostly see.

Crooked knife,that is referred here,atleast among older folk,as" kovelo".It has a simple black curly birch handle,and i must do a pouch for it to prevent the edge from ruining.

Salt horn thats still in progress.I scraped some birch,lavu and a camp fire in to its surface.