perjantai 28. elokuuta 2009

Bahco Laplander- my favourite folding saw.

ok, as i wrote the food review,i remembered that i used my BAHCO´s Laplander ( lap 396 ) saw as a weight in one picture,and also snapped a few shots of it too,so im goin to put em up here as well.
Laplander has been so far the best folding saw ive used on my trips,and at home too.

A choosed due to the reviews i saw about it,in newspapers,youtube etc and it sure aint bad reference to any tool if USA military forces issue this to their soldiers,and its NATO approved as well,and carries the number : #5110-25-147-4344

Its pretty sturdy,and yet not bulky or heavy in my pocket,the blade locks in open and in closed position too so it wont open up accidentally to rip the gear you have in you ruckasack,or tear apart your trouser pockets,neither your skin.

I´d say its something like 9 inches long when folded,so it rides easily in uniform pants pockets if you dont carry any backpack or similar,and theres now few belt sheats for these in Ebay too and im goin to sew one for myself too,as i really do like to carry things attached to me,in belt,so i always have necessities at my hands and i dont have to search thru packs and bags when i need some tool.

The blade is superb,it really holds up its edge and sharpness,and ive used this a lot,thru rotten,iced,moist,soft and hard woods,and plain ice too,and it keeps going on.Lately i managed to get a hold of some 5 spare blades from local scout shop,and due to this i think i wont be looking out for another saw for long long time.....if i dont drop this on trails,that is.From my classmate i got french,large Opinel saw but i havent used it at all yet so its my spare now.

I think its ok to carry axe in the woods,but to someone it might be too heavy and even more dangerous if youre not used to axe working,so the saw is lighter,safer and more accurate if you need to do some grooves and notches,smooth ends etc.With axe you can cut off a thicker tree faster but with stumpy saw like this,you can do it too,with some thought and it takes longer but its ok to me.Anyways,this will beat any(?) saw included in multitools and folding knives anyday of the week,when making any bigger tasks like cutting away material to build up a three stand for cooking,lean-to,or other shelter stuff and similar.

Anyways,if youre looking for good folding saw,for reasonable price,these are pretty easy to find nowadays ( mine came from Uk ) here,even from bigger markets like Prisma for under 20 Euros.Its not bad for hi quality item like this.

Personally i rate this as high as 4 points of 5,if id have to,and i dont give it five,cause any tool can be made better someday.BUT this is the best ive seen so far.

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