maanantai 17. elokuuta 2009

Food test incoming


Ive been talking thru emails to this one shop here that sells ready-to-eat meals,that i could possibly make a review & sort of field testing about them and now it seems that i have a green light from him and we just spoked on the phone about this matter.Later on this wweek i might get the items and then ill head out to some trip in the outdoors and take the foods along,cook em and take photos of those too,and then a si return to home ill post my review here.

A shop named "Solution Foods" ( in Oulu,sells these foods,theyre bit special here,atleat i havent seen many other,if even one,hiking foods that you can eat straight out of pouch too,with or without heating em up in any way,but you can make em better by heating in hot water,in an un-opened pouch.

To my eyes they are very handy and intresting,since these dont require water,in times of crisis when the water supply gets broken,shut off or polluted,and this happen can the natural water sources like streams,pollution i mean.And this way wayfarer offers way to hydration too,due to the water it has already in it.You should consider these to be added in that "just in case" pack everyone should have in storage,along with all the other items like water purifiers,first aid kit,etc.

But thats it for now,ill post more thoughts and opinions after i get my field testing done .

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