maanantai 14. syyskuuta 2009

Late birthday gift / Sigg retro bottle

At out short trip,i received a small bottle of my favourite poison,Jägermeister,and along with it,came gift voucher to our local scoutshop,so today i went there and tried to pick up first something i really NEED.....but still i ended up with something i really want,more than need,and it was this Sigg 1941 Swiss Army field bottle & stainless oval integrated cup,its remake of classic Sigg bottle,and ive always fancied one and now i have it.It measures only 0,6 liters but on short walk its ok,and the cup offers me even a chance to heat up some drinks above fire etc.Its compact enough also to fit in your vest pockets,so i dont have to drag it on belt or hand to get quick access to refreshments.Quality seems like i expected,from one of the most famous bottle making companies,everything fits like a glove,does not leak or clank at all.

I havent had a chance to real field use yet but in time i will.

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