keskiviikko 16. syyskuuta 2009

Sleeping bag for winter

I had my old dirt bicycle 4 sale or 4 trade in one popular website where they sell used stuff,i had it there for over 7 weeks and today finally someone called to me. He sure wasnt the only one but he lived just few miles from my home,and was looking out for a bike for his kid,who had bashed his other market quality mtb´s. I said to him that if he comes to check it out,likes it and takes it,ill give him good discount for it. His kid tested it,and so did the dad himself,and deal was made,and i knew immedialtely what to do with the money,as my favourite market,where they have awesome amount of outdoor gear,even compared to most sport shops here,had these discount days,and all the outdoor products were included to this discount campaign. So off we go and after some 20 minutes of touching and feeling things,i ended up with this Ajungilak Tyin 5-season sleeping bag,as i used to have one ajungilak and they have good reputation among other people too. Im hoping now for first hikes at Minus Celsius temperatures to see how good this one is. The best thing to me in this is,that its for person whos 2 meters tall,and im 192,and the previous was for 190 tall guy,and it was bit tight for me due to this. I was in bit of a stress since im goint o lapland once again before christmas,for over week,and i sleep in snow foxholes,etc,not in cabins or heated tents,and i hope this will serve me as well as did the previous Ajungilak i had,it had extreme at -51C,this one has what...-41c,and the comfort zone is between minus 20 to minus 29.With proper clothing,proper sleeping matress,i think ill survive just fine :).

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