lauantai 12. joulukuuta 2009

Lapland tour tale pt 1

So,where to begin.

At first day i jumped in our schools van,where as already few of my school buddies and one instructor,and we headed out to next pick-up point to pick up one more with us and drove,drove and drove up north,all the way to suomussalmi with just few piss-breaks.In rovaniemi we had this moderate accommodation reserved,in motel named"rova-motelli" which is nowadays going downwards in my eyes as the russiand running it arent too worried about keeping even the bunks clean.Oh well,we got a chance to sauna and after well snored night,we woke up at five,ran to feast a heavy and tasty breakfast,and at six a clock we continued to drive,stopped at nine at shopping mall,to pick up some gear and stuff to eat,then at ten a clock we were facing the opening doors of arctic museum&show-hall "Arktikum",which i can easily call a damn intresting place even for Finnish guy like me.Theres loads of info,items,drawings etc about sami culture,the soil of lapland,history of it,the roots of trade and human population in the northern Finland.Items excavated from ancient camp/living areas,graves.....Cultural clothing,ceremonial items,handcrafts,leukus,religious stuff,from sami folklore and early days of name it,they have it.At the end of the day we drove to Hetta,where we had two cabins to sleep in.There we went to church that was build on American help,on ruins of the church blown & burnt away by Germans in the war of lapland.Im not into christianity but as historical place,its good to visit those too.There were few names i knew,in memorial wall,among all other names of the local men killed in war.But in the end of the day we were just packing our rucksacks as we had to rise up in the next morning at drive couple hundred kilometers more in the north,in to small tiny village,named Saarikoski,where from we would start our ski journey into wilderness......

More to follow.

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