maanantai 21. joulukuuta 2009

Occurred to my mind after reading something Gary wrote in his blog

Even here,in Finland you see some oddball actions...or should i talk about the fact that man cant,doesnt have the basic skills,to survive.Guys and gals are,the younger they are,normally grown to be very highly trained,educated in various occupations,they know all about math,politics,high-end business,playing with stock markets,are clever with computers,cell phones and all.But what the heck.If they loose their phones,run out of electricity,gas,hot running water,for even short perioids,just for hours,they are in panic it seems,and ive seen it happen....I cant believe how mankind forgets the real essential skills,in this ratrace,which they call life.Urban mankind sure has the brains and style,but what will happen to them when the shit hits the fan.Im not trying to copy my friends writing,but really,what the hell is this thing men usually see as evolution,going forward,knowledge and wisdom.If some type of new ice-age hits as someone predicted to happpen in next 50 yrs,how many will survive,if we cant make fire in various ways,from what we manage to gather up,from steelwool and battery,from firebow,from ancient firesteels,or cars distributors spark.How many will die cause they are used to drink perfectly cleaned bottled springwater and stupidly refuse to drink water cleaned with coal and moss,or just cant even think of purifying that water from gutter,by boiling or however.Melt snow?-HOW!?!?! might those ask.And in normal life,many of us are so far away from woods,from even idea of spending a night in makeshift shelter made from scrap sheetmetal,branches,leaves and twigs,made by our own hands.Built with what tool.With that i-phone, or what ever trendy gadget they carry ? Not.Do they even own a knife?I mean now when most of the bread is pre-cut,and all,what sort of knives does urban man own.And can he modify his possessions to match his situation and needs.Can you make some sort of solar still,drink from plant roots,pick up the non-lethal berries and mushrooms if you dont catch any fish or edible creatures,if you had the brains,hands and drive to do few snares during pooring rain,or in heavy winds,in darkness,in scary woods.Or just in your neighbourhood,how does man survive in his home when all the things we are used to take so granted,are taken away.?

Should we concentrate our actions and intrests to something useful.Like survivalism,preparedness,actions to save the nature,animals,seas,forests,other men.Instead of being greedy careless wankers who rape the nature by chopping off the woods in the mountains,fishing more than we really need and killing spicies by doing that,by going to wars,with any reason we need to,war of religions,war of oil,war made without real need,war to sell more weapons to any side offering higher bids,war against mankind,war where all the soil will be demolished and animals at the same time.Should we do something else than watch tv,and try to copy the stars and by doing this,spend more and more,to items we dont need,items we reject when the next trend-wave comes,and old ones end up in the carbage,instead of giving em to one that need em to survive.I think that all this consumption is one part of the hard times ahead too.We just consume and trash around,poison the planet to its end,as we tear away everything that will give us profit,faster cars,bigger boobs,exotic foods,imported useless stuff we forget in few months.Items brought here by ships,running on high priced oil,dug up from oil dwells running empty in deserts and coastal areas.Oil that will smudge the birds,kill the fish,ruin the coast when that boat hits the rocks and leaks.Oil that had cost someones life too.

Should we do something to save this planet.
Cut down our consumption a bit.
Recycle all we can.
Think before doing.
Save the forests where ever,for animals,so the wolves wont run in our hometown cause they dont have any place to live anymore like they used to do.
Use more the "off" button in electric gadgets.
Change the bulbs to economical ones.
Walk more.
Drive less.
Drive together in one filled vehicle.
Believe that your car aint the measure of your stamina or equal to size of your dick.
Get a bicycle.Use it too.Othervise its just useless POS.
When you buy something,checkout the used ones too,or repair the old broken one.
Respect and favour your local shopkeepers,local handcrafts,locally grown and made food.
You dont need 7 different jackets for every season really.
Those broken shoes are easy to repair by that shoemaker in corner of your favourite local mall.
You dont need all that meat man.Or that tuna in can.Its easy to catch a fish with cheap longlasting gear,from that lake nearby.Carve up a bow and hunt your meat if u can,even a bit.Or if you can,shop from local butchers,not from market.Its worth that.

And stuff like this.
You dont have to be 100% vegetarian-treehugging hippie to save your planet.

And learn something that will serve you,your family,your village,your country,your planet,not just you,and your fat wallet.Change ideas,thoughts,and above all the skills to survive if all the good actions you did,didnt pay and the shit hits the fan :)

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The Suburban Bushwacker kirjoitti...

Great list for the new year.
The sad thing is that actually all it takes is for everybody to change a little bit. No one has to live in a hole in the ground (unless they want to) we all just have to be a little bit more conscious of how our actions affect the bigger picture.

Keep posting and happy crimbo

PS the anti spam word was BOOZE how crimbo is that!!

Pike fly-fishing articles kirjoitti...

Great read,we share very similar lifestyles.I qualified on the international wilderness guide course in Kuru 3 yrs ago.Live on Replot island near Vaasa now and run
Think I will be visiting this blog more often now.Have a great Xmas

Hendrik M kirjoitti...

I do agree with you. The sad thing is, you do not change the mind of the masses easily. People love their TVs and reading Iltasanomat/ Iltalehti, and go shopping for the sake of being able to walk with a shopping bag through the city.

We really should get together for some beers, Mikko. I'm sure we'll have plenty to talk about. Maybe after all this holiday crap is over.