lauantai 28. elokuuta 2010

B-day present,Fällkniven wm1

i just had a birthday and eventhough i have always said that no-one should give me anything just cause i get older and move closer to grave,i got this small wrapped thingy and inside it held a Fällkniven WM 1 knife...WOU:).

Till now,i havent used it really at all but today im heading to small trip and im taking this small utility knife with me to see how it starts to serve me.

Its really so small that its bit funny looking in my fist as i have size ten fist and this is (at least i think so) meant originally for small hands,for womens / kids use..?

Still,the brand,Fällkniven that it bears,almost automatically means to me,taht this is stricly business knife made with tight  standards and high quality materials and i think already that this might be just fine as back-up / gutting /skinning / whittling knife. Surely its small to be used for almost any batoning or hardcore abusing but for the small daily based actions it might suitable.

I liked that my knife had already this black,dangler hung sheath,made from thinck leather,it has sandwich layer protecting the red sturdy seams that make this look bit fancy too.Id rather use this than the kydex sheath that this knife udsually comes with.Not that kydex was bad,i dont mean it like that at all,but those are bit noisy in my other knives and if the kydex really spends a night in our arctic temperatures,it tends to get bit brittle.I know theres many types of kydex sheaths,yes,and some of them are more reliable and silent.

The blade is about 3 inches long,only,but in some countries its just a good thing,as some laws wont allow you to carry longer blades. Its made out of VG-10,rust resistant steel,in 59hrc hardness, that keeps its edge pretty damn well. Its some 3 millimeters thick and full tang constructed,this,means to me that even though its small and relatively light knife (some 70 grams),its still capable to get some serious use without fear of breaking it easily.

Well,this is utterly useless speech without actual use,testing the small knife and taking some pics,so ill be back when i have some to offer.


I just came home and wanted to tell you that after spending one trip with WM ! im pretty satisfied and impressed so far. WM 1 even went through light batoning,prepping a fish and gutting a rabbit,it whittled a magnesium firestarter,did  some shavings,dug into rotten stump,did everything to make a bow drill parts,spread butter to my bread,opened a tin can and such,without cracking or getting too dull. Well,this is just a first impression,not any long perioid report,i know....Time will tell more,but this sure is one heck of a present to me,i wouldnt ever spend my money on a small knife like this myself just like that as im more into bigger knives. Still id say this is worth its price,any day.

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