lauantai 22. tammikuuta 2011

Crafts of some type,nylon and wood.

Ive been making a few more wood stoves for heating up shelters,and today when i didnt have chance to do welding i got lucky chance to switch a few lessons places and i managed to do little woodcrafts..without electric tools,like they used to do. Its soo much nicer to fabricate wooden stuff with just the basic tools like axe,knife, saw and files,rather than relying on electric jigsaws and belt grinders. This way, i think,you learn a lot about woodworking, your tools and your skills upgrade more than with electric boredoms.

                                   Tools that i use to make the bow.
                                 Beat-up hukari with slight mods in it.
                                  At some point this might be ready bow i hope.

And back at home last evening i made some tinkering to this old sewing machine that wasnt supposed to work at all,but i got it working a bit anyway. I sisnt have any plans nor any un-used stuff to fabricate from,but i tore ou a few old packs to get cloth and such and i made this crude,yet working belt pouch with carabiner,to my Guyot Designs stainless bottle and its GSI Glacier cup. The pouch has also two inner layers,the neoprene,to insulate and protect the bottle and then this soft,mesh type of layer,that also protects a bit, the bottle and makes the insertion easy as the bottle seems to slide better with that mesh. The outer layer itself is 600d waterproof ripstop nylon. Now i have atleast some way to carry the bottle in my belt if i choose to do so,rather than draggin' around any molle pouches.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Nice projects, bud. Great use of existing materials.

That old Finnish axe looks like it's in pretty good shape with lots of blade left. Nice.

Can you tell us about the other knives in the picture?


Fimbulmyrk kirjoitti...

That clip-point-blade in the topmost picture, second from top looks most appealing to me...what´s that for a wood? Did you do it yourself?

Great projects, and I love the reuse of the materials, too!