tiistai 22. maaliskuuta 2011

Sheath project done, with firesteel and sharpener added.

So heres the sheath for the knife i mentioned couple posts before,the one originally forged by Ilkka Seikku and finished and re-ground by myself.

I wanted to add a few functions to the sheath. The first thing was to fabricate two reindeer antler handles. The other would be for Light My Fire´s thick Army firesteel and the other i made for the diamond sharpening rod.
I had a Marttiini´s retractable pen shaped diamond rod, so i just got rid off the excess parts of it and kept the rod itself. In the picture above its in its original length but i took over an inch off from the tail of it to keep it properly short sized.

Heres the handle for sharpener an the shortened rod itself.

Then i removed the firesteel from its plastic handle with heat and blade...
 Then i attached the handles to the gadgets with epoxy :

Then the actual leatherworking began. I didnt take pictures as i forgot to and i just wanted to get the sheath ready without playing with photoshoots...

And in some point it was ready without dye:
 And i just put some black ink on, and let it dry and then waxed it and here you go:

 Its deep and has a good "click" when the knife locks in the sheath. I made the beltloop as dangler type and its large enough to slip over sami belts as well as US army type of duty belts etc. The diamond sharpener is in the spine-side of the sheath and the firesteel...well youll see where it goes.

 What do you think ? Id say its practical if not pretty and practical goes always over the looks in my books.

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Gorges Smythe kirjoitti...

I think it's practical AND pretty, though I like the original color best.

Perkunas kirjoitti...


Yes the original colour wasnt bad at all either but as i think this knife will be paired with black wide sami belt with black possibles pouch and black sheathed red handled leuku, it will look better in black.

Thanks for stopping by, i appreciate all your comments.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Once again, a job well done. I like the original color, too (or maybe a little darker). I'm continually impressed by the great quality of your work. Keep the great posts coming!


Perkunas kirjoitti...

Well, id like to have all sorts of fine waxes and special handle oils and dyes but they cost so much that i am limited to just few sips of black and redbrown dye etc.

Fimbulmyrk kirjoitti...


I wish I could do this standard of leather work!

Great set!

Joel kirjoitti...

That is a realy good looking sheath you made there, the design is really spot on for me. I really like it. I too prefer the lighter colour, perhaps a medium brown, but that's nit picking. What leather did you use if I may ask? The knife and the sheath are pretty perfect for me. Well done.


Perkunas kirjoitti...

Thanks again folks !

Nice to see that you like it,since i kinda love it too, it came out pretty well and nice for such a crude work after all.

I used veggie tanned 2mm thick leather,Joel. I try to use that only when im doing leatherwork that should curve an stretch into various directions as its sturdy but wetmolds well.

Exploriment kirjoitti...

So heat is what it takes to get one of those fire steel handles off huh? Tried whittling one - ridiculous. I stuck it in a lathe and turned it down. No access to a lathe at the moment though. Might just try it out with one to see if I can get the handle off with heat and a blade and replace it with something less bulky.