perjantai 4. maaliskuuta 2011

Victorinox junk yard.

I saw one blog story last night about modified , limited edition custom Victorinox here.

So i wanted to show you my own self made Vic´s, scraped together from various models.

As these are for actual personel use,and the rivets arent the nicests jobs, but these are workhorses,not showcase items. They have marks from life in the trail and tehy dont have any collectible value but theyre nice little gadgets to my personal taste.

First one is the simplified Alox with just a single,plain blade and an ever useful awl, which i find to be about the nicest design,compared to any other folding knives awl,as it folds out from the knives end, not from backside and middle,like it does on the plastic handled Vics etc.

Its actually made from Farmer model that had a broken saw implement that i took off after removing the riveted pins and the first layer that had the quite useless openers with flathead screwdrivers that i rarely use.

Second one this time is bit larger Alox based. Its done from Electrician model wreck if i remember right. I like that chisel ground small blade thats good for delicate and accurate carving, so its the only blade found in this one,as i normally tend to use a real fixed blade knife with me, so in this,the basic blade would mean just excess thickness and bulky tool. Awl is in the same layer with the small blade. Then on the next layer there´s the saw, an implement that i find the most used with the awl and on Victorinox, its quite powerful to be such small sized and it lasts long. And on the last layer theres the combo tool, having both,the can and the bottle opener in one single tool,as well as middle sized flathead. This is the best opener in small sized Vic´s. With the combo tool theres the phillips screwdriver,modified from some plastic handle Vic. This kind of mixing takes little more effort as you may have to fabricate spacers from brass or similar,in different thicknesses, grind and polish teh backsprings etc but its still REALLy difficult at all. Patience is a virtue.

The last one this time ( i have several modified folding knives,Alox Vic´s with pliers and such )  is my crude Vic, living in my repair kit nowadays. It has just an awl on the back,not any stupid winebottle openers. Id rather see phllips driver on the place of that. Then theres a file,saw,scissors and small pliers,tough enough to help in gear repair, or bending twisted hooks etc. The handles are made from small leftover curly birch, that i just dyed and waxed,theyre put in place for good, with epoxy and no,they dont have those easy dropping and then missing tweezers and toothpick :).

Victorinox Homepage.

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Fimbulmyrk kirjoitti...


I always had some reservations towards modifying folding knives, but it seem I have to have a go at it... no loss at it, isn´t it?

You have created some great gear again!

Perkunas kirjoitti...

Hey bud !

Thanks you for appreciation, ist nice to see that you visit here again.

Well,since youre one of the luckiest treasure finder in the fleamarkets and trails, i think you can gather up some old Vics, put em in parts and then assembly em the way you want it to be, at low cost and it doesnt require any special tools either.

Fimbulmyrk kirjoitti...

I think I have some still....;-). Thanks for the hints! I´ll have a go...

The Suburban Bushwacker kirjoitti...

I like the Alox range more and more in fact I just ordered the little fella in black as an EDC for my keys.

Have you seen these guys?

Nice work (was afraid to look at the prices)


Anonyymi kirjoitti...

I really like what you've done with those SAKs. Sometimes you just don't need 100 different tools in an SAK. Customizing them is a great idea and something you don't see every day.