keskiviikko 13. huhtikuuta 2011

Summers at the door and i miss the "hard" winter alreay.

I found a few pictures, from a relaxed cabin trip me and my friends did some...about a mont ago. Back then there was loads of snow although it was starting to melt already. We did ice swimming and bathed in sauna for many many hours in a row, ate deer stew and such. I just love to enter these old log cabins and feel that they´ve been un used for a long time,and this one was colder inside than the temperature outside. I cant ever describe what i feel when i carry the woods after chopping em, into the cabin and place them in the stove and light it. Hearing the first resin pops, smelling the smoke as the cold smoke pipe wont suck the smoke before its carefully heated with small fire. Then you hear the humming voice when the pipe starts to work . Hacking the ice swimming hole,carrying water into the sauna and cabin and then unrolling your wool blanket to warm up, boiling potful of coffee and such. Just watching the winter day in the cabins porch while stew´s scent mixes into the cold air and entering my nose. Things i cant ever feel during summertime. Well, in a 5 months ill have long dark days, and i see the leaves flying off from the trees and its time to wellcome winter again.

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Gorges Smythe kirjoitti...

I prefer spring and autumn, but each season has its good points.

Fimbulmyrk kirjoitti...

I can relate to both sides of that. I love wintertime, too, with that atmosphere of coziness in your own mind, of coming from the cold and into the warm place by the fire. It´s what life is all about. Life is winter. Life is finding warmth in the face of death.

But life also flourishes, it springs up and brings the herbs and woods to grow. In winter, we can savour what has grown in summer. It is feasting on summer´s work to me, and I am deeply grateful for the seasons always changing, ebbing and flowing like a deep, deep breath. They sum up to make my life.

Because of that, I know, not believe, that life makes sense. Winter makes it clear to me, what it´s all about, though.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

I know exactly what you mean. I love the coziness of a winter cabin or tent, warming up with some hot drinks and a wood stove, prepping wood, eating, relaxing etc. There is something special about it.

I caught myself a week or two ago saying, "Oh no, the snow is melting. But I only used my new snowshoes two or three times! Now I have to wait until next winter again".

Of course, when I took a walk yesterday in the bright spring sunshine, and the temperature was 10*C, I quickly forgot about winter stuff. ;)