perjantai 22. heinäkuuta 2011

Chisel time

Ive been wanting a GOOD wood chisel to make wooden sheath liners and all sorts of small crafts,ut i was blown by the prices of thin accuracy chisels and in cheaper shops specializing in wood working,theyre still mostly for construction workers. And in artsy fartsy shops.....well like 120 euros for set of 2 or 4 chisels. An di dont need various, just one or two. One with just slightly curved blade and one with more like half round shape. Tero Kotavuopio interested,or got bored to my chisel whining and offered to make a custom made chisel.

When it arrived i was amazed about to see it. Its laminated,using basic steel and Sten & Co´s Leuku steel. I havent ever even seen laminated chisels,not factory made,and not hand made ones. There might be those,but i havent sen or heard,as i am not any wood carver,atleast yet.

I am whittling a simple juniper handle to it, it will have a brass bolster to reinforce the joint too.

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