maanantai 15. elokuuta 2011

Plans for the weekend, with TOZ 34.

I think ill be heading to Kuru, to hunt as the seasons are starting !

Today i cleaned and checked out my "new" shotgun, TOZ-34, and put the HiViz bead on its rail,and thats about it, ill try to get a few shots fired before weekend too. Its not a hi-tech, nor a legendary outfitters shotgun but to my wallet and hand,it feels pretty good so far.

Sorry about crappy pic,my phone dropped on ground yesterday and its now working well now.

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Fimbulmyrk kirjoitti...

I learned the hard way that fancy not automatically means functional, and, as is, it looks pretty much serviceable. Have not an inkling about firearms, myself, though, but it´s what works in the woods that counts. And fancy has a habit of breaking down in the middle of nowhere;-) quite often.

Gorges Smythe kirjoitti...

I like simple. I finally got rid of my automatic shotgun when I realized that it was the single-shot that I always took to the woods.

Finnman kirjoitti...

Congratulations! Here you have shotgun for all smallgame hunting and being russian made it´s often crude but really reliable in my experience. Tell me your thoughts about that Hiviz when you have tested it in action.

Perkunas kirjoitti...

Yes, i am not into those super engraved 4 barrel rifles nor am i a fan of tactical, assault style rifles. I like to have a gun thats more tool-like, that i dont have to worry so much about...i mean if the hunting would be about protecting gun from getting small scratches and such, istead of relaxed walk in the bush with beater rifle. As long as weapons function technically well, theyre good,no matter the appearance. I was, though, looking for pump action shotgun, something like Rem 870, but they arent for my wallet now and i dont just have the time o save and wait,since the season is at the door,just in few days ahead.