torstai 20. lokakuuta 2011

Last post for a while ,i am afraid.

So, this might be the last one here, as i move in tomorrow morning. I dont have any clue,when do i get the wireless connection to web working, if at all,but if i do, youll see more post here immediately. The "bad" web connection is about the only downside, on this moving to countryside,but its actually annoying too,a si like to blog and reads my emails, but at the same time, i remember that i havent even had an internet connection,nor a computer,before......well i maybe bought  the connection and pc, about 5 years ago. And before that i spent more time outside and among crafts. So, if i get the web working, i still hope that ill spend more time making items, hiking etc than hang so much in front of computer. Still, i cant deny that i will miss my blog-time a lot before i get it going again. Yet, it might take anything from 4 days to 4 weeks or so, sorry.

 Well,  i still have plebty of small crafts that i can do at home and loads of movies and books. I have to finish in example, this laminated, bainite treated 220 x 40 x 7mm full tang leuku Tero did to me, loads of ideas, to work from leather and such. And as i get my metal working gear brough to new place, i can forge, weld, cut and play with steel in various forms too. The geese hunting is about to be at its best moments too,and such. If i get that outdoor work that ive been discussing about, ill have also a better income. So maybe this all turns in a good way.

The Ahma / wolverine puukko, by the way is missing only its sheath,and then its fully ready to be used.

If you have something important to say to me, you can put it in the comments to this post. I wont publish any personal messages,but i will publish the not-personal ones, here too, when i have chance to read 'em someday somewhere.

I hope the winter, real winter would quick and make end of this rainy weather.

Well, thats about it for now, and we'll see again.

4 kommenttia:

Joel kirjoitti...

Well, I hope you'll be back online soon. I like your blog and will keep looking up for your return to the blogosphere! In the meanwhile, all the best and have a super time living the real life in the countryside.

Gorges Smythe kirjoitti...

I'll look forward to your blog being "re-established."

Finnman kirjoitti...

Well good luck with your internet connections buddy, hope to see you online soon again!

You still have geese there? In my hometown where I have been hunting geeses my friend just reported them moving away for winter.

That leuku blade looks great even I didn´t understand what "bainite treated" means ;)

see ya!

- Finnman

Ross kirjoitti...

Enjoy the new place. I hope to hear from you soon.