sunnuntai 16. lokakuuta 2011

Shortly about weekend.

2 nights ago i went to cabin again, to gather the last mushrooms, saw and split firewood, clean up the yard from most items lying all over, from bbq stove to garden chairs,benches and such, as it sure looks like that nights are always subzero now,and the stuff outside freezes and stucks if i dont take em in the barn. So i wasnt doing anthing interesting actually. Regular sauna bathing with 3 buddies, eating and having good time after sauna. Bottle of Fireball, a case of Karhu, 2 kilos of moose beef, onions, mushrooms, rye bread, chocolate, thats what it was all about. Scent of wood smoke from stoves, candle lights and thick woolsocks. At the 2 mornings, i still picked up my gun and went for a 3 hours walk, to catch a bird or two, and i got one. Well, thats more than enough, i know that at christmas, our table will have only hunted meat instead of bought. Were moving to the new home at next weekend,and then the finest bird season is almost over,and i can only try to get ducks and geese and i am mostly interested in geese as its more challenging, sniper-like action, instead of shotgun mayhem :). During this week, i am boxing my possessions,and at thursday i am disconnecting the pc from web and i hope that it will be connected at new home at beginning of the next week. Honestly...i sometimes miss the time without cellphones and computers with networks and all.

As i got that old gas stove working, and we have done some repairs and cleaning at the cabins old kitchen that was more like warehouse before, i wanted to use it.
Fried onion with real butter, with handful of mushrooms.

Add 500 grams of fresh ground moose beef, throw some salt, and a drop of whiskey in it. Sadly, i didnt have any cream with me, nor had i remembered to bring potatoes with me. So i boiled some macarone, and mixed it with this grub above, but i didnt hear any complaints about it.

This stuff sure is my favourite poison now and as the days get colder, i just "might" have a flask filled with this in my chest pocket when doing some outdoors in the snow and such.

I am glad that we have some...14 cubic meters of firewood at the cabin, it will last just fine over winter no matter how much we heat the cabins four fireplaces or the one in sauna.

                       Frost and ice, it all tells me about good times ahead.

On the way back home, my buddy who woked up early as i did, but drove to his moose chase place, sent me a pic about his catch of the day. I heard that ill get a good piece of that as well. Lucky me to have a friend like that.

I didnt take much pics, my phones battery is doing death it seems, sorry, but i hope these are better than no pics at all.

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Theres one huge in living room, two in two bedrooms and one in the kitchen. One in sauna, and we're adding two more, one in the workshop where i will have my forge too, and also one tiny stove in to the summer guest room. The place is an old forest rangers farm, not the biggest by todays standard but in 1920's it was quite big, as most of the people had houses with one or two rooms and one cold barn or something, but this place was kept up by government, and they offered forest rangers job as a trade. You'd keep records of storm faleen trees, about game movement and count game, make firrewood for your bosses, etc, in a trade for living in rather good house with cows and own field etc.

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Nice weekend and nice moose! Glad to hear you'll get some of the meat.

Hope your move goes well.


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Just saw this. Made me think of you.

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i hope that you are able to get some geese. and that ground moose/mushroom/maccaroni sounds delicious - i love moose meat! i love any wild game actually!

your buddy's catch was a nice one. glad he will be sharing some with you!