sunnuntai 13. marraskuuta 2011

Ahma arrived a few days ago

Well, the Ahma puukko that T.Kotavuopio made to me, arrived a few days ago. I have been using it andit works like a dream. I hope i´ll be able to take some pictures of it in few next days, but all this frigging non stoping rain we´ve had in several days in a row, rain seems to ruin cameras. Well, anyways, its been used now, from basic sausage stick whittling :), and firewood prepping, to prepping fresh fish that i have been getting from lake almost every day, plus, i loaned to my friend who dropped a moose and tried Ahma for skinning,cutting and cutting of the game, and he wanted tobuy it from me immediately. I think it tells me, that this knife is pretty good for game use, as i wanted to have a more game capable puukko.

Heres few pics of it.
First of all, it fits just perfectly in my palm, and offers few different, and yet comfortable grips. The knife has a bit longer handle, compared to most common handle sizes as i have a big hand, plus, its still offers a lot better grip to me, even if i am wearing gloves, so i dont have to, take gloves off everytime i need knife for some quick cut.

The handle, is also, quite thin as you can see. Usually Finnish puukko´s have pretty round and fat handles, but as this is to be used with wet, maybe bloody hands, its better that the handle is flat, as it prevents the knife from starting to spin inside the fist. Still, the handle has rounded edges, so its not like something i see in various fulltang knives that have sharp corners in the handles, that are more like pain in the butt, and force you to think about using gloves while using the knife, to make the grip more comfortable.

 The sheath is just what i asked for. A simple, no-nonsense leather piece with sturdy wooden liner inside. Still, i am Not complaining about that nicely done decoratioon Tero went and did, as its about in every knife he makes, in way or another. I asked that the beltloop should be large and bit wider. This because i usebit wider belts usually, and i just happen to like loops a bit wider. It has a soldered brass o-ring as a swivel, to the sheath folds away if i am sitting in the car or similar. The rigid loop aint my choise,as the sheath tends to stick everywhere while sitting.
 The front bolster, is hand filed for snug fit, from harder, thick piece of copper, instead of the usual brass, and it even looks nice with that red hardwood handle, i think. The tang goes thru the handle, and its then riveted, against a 4mm think piece of brass thats pressed in the wood. Pretty rugged construction overall, and i do know that the tang is pretty large compared to many tangs that ive seen so far.

The blade, has measures like 11cm length, 30mm "height", 5mm thickness and its hand forged, all the way, including the bevel shaping, from a bar of K990 steel.

By the way, as i was taking these quick shots, SNOW started to fall on the ground ! I know it wont stay on the ground, but it gives me hope, that the winter might be coming. after all, how great !

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American Grouch kirjoitti...

That's a beautiful blade! I love it!

Perkunas kirjoitti...

Well, i hope you people type your vote here,as that POLL gadget does not seem to work...i dont have any clue why.

Gorges Smythe kirjoitti...

That is one beautiful and rugged knife. You've got a winner there!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Solid, functional and beautiful knife. Thanks for letting us feast our eyes. ;)


P.S. - We want a Stromeng review!!