perjantai 25. marraskuuta 2011

Still pretty low on stock removal.

Its not 100% percently intact no more since i have gone and drilled one hole, that is sort of stock removal, not forging :). If i could have,i would have made the hole by piercing with some punch-like tool but i didnt have any idea how to make one from the scrap metals i had on my hands.

Other than that, everything so far, made by forging. I just cleaned the future bevel area with steel wire brush on angle grinder. If thats stock removal, then ill be damned. I donno what to call this knife yet, but i think i like the looks at least my self. It has a hole on the tip, reminding me from cleavers that i like, as well as a bit curved handle with flared butt, plus a choil with a finger groove to choke from. A curved overall edge might be good for chopping and slicing and it has also a bit of sharper tip at the and of the edge, if i have to stick something with it, to punch a hole or use it as a crude drillbit. Surely its not a whitlling tool, but a mix of things that i like, and i tried to mix em so that the knife would not be so ugly either.

More handle shaping to come, plus few this and thats and then i hopefully get the heat treatmets done without breaking the weird blade. The next one, i´ll be making will be made from another bearing race, next to the blade in the picture. Thats just what the blade in the pics, started from, but the next one, will have whole different,more demanding shape, with sharp, more knife like tip and dual bevels, i think.

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Finnman kirjoitti...

Wow, that´s great looking blade straight from the Mordor :D
I like curved edges on chopping tools and that one looks like good chopper. I want to try that out on some day!

- Finnman

Perkunas kirjoitti...

Well,i do like the knives of Uruk-Hai´s too.

I am afraid that you wont be trying this one, unless you loan it from the new owner ;).

Harri Eerikäinen kirjoitti...

AK-47:s bayonette goes trough metamorphosis; bears bone and so on...


Fimbulmyrk kirjoitti...

I like that blade!!! Looks a bit like that Sylvester Stallone insult to tribal knifemaking in the "John Rambo" movie, and like a beast of a chopper, too!

If you want to spare yourself ANY stock removal, try making a hollow full - metal tang / handle. Drive the hind part out with the hammer´s peen and wrap it close to tubular shape. Then all you have to do is do a wrapping. Works like a cinch on beater knives!

Looks like you caught the smithing bug big style, eh:-)? Great to see... keep the fire burning!:-)

Perkunas kirjoitti...

Well the Rambo 4 knife is the Only Rambo knife that makes any sense to me, Fimbulmyrk :).

Yes ,if you refer to Cold Steel´s Bushman type of rolled tube knives, i have been thinking about making one. But i sure would like it to be pretty well sealed.....with real cork cap and forged flintsteel and hooks in it :)

Yes, i have been forging a lot over many years but Now, when i got to use the one smith shop as my own, i can make just about anything, When i want and as long as i want to beat the steel,as long as theres coal.