maanantai 5. joulukuuta 2011

Happy indepence Day, fatherland.

Finnish independence day, is tomorrow.

I am proud to celebrate that and i like the fact that theres no multinational European Union flag in our flagpole, and i hope we will never go to that.

Ill be heading to cabin with few friends, to heat the sauna and enjoy some deer roast with shot of Mannerheim´s special drink.

I owe to everyone who has fought, for our indepency, especially to ones in the actual field service and i´d rather see veterans and real people in independence day parties, thatn television celebrities and business men ready to sell our land for any profit.

Eventhough the indepence starts, from 1917, and we fought to get and keep it, on later times too, in bigger scale, i personally connect my thought, to the times of WWII and fighting against Russian invaders. Political games and business,thats not my bag. I dont like Finland, in which, our leaders tend to say " our opinion is a stong maybe". Its a shame. I would take a bullet, defending my working class, common man, the average joe, women and children. To keep our land somewhat beautiful as its now, to see forests remain, and to prevent our nature. But, for greedy leaders, jacket turning, double talkin´ elite, no sir. I am maybe a nationalist,but, not a racist, but still, i´d rather see our funds and time, to be guided to our own people, homeless and the poor, than allow foreign "refugees" come in, when theres enough to do, to get our own people to have better life. Theres absolutely nothing wrong to be Finnish and proud of our own national culture. I hope the schools would teach our kids, that as well, instead of passing on the lectures of how to sell our land and imitate foreign MTV-lifestyle crap,as it seems to go nowadays. Its good to tolerate different people, but hey, keep a limit to that as well. We dont need any drug dealers, child molesters of any nationality nor race,may it be Finnish or any other. Take the kids to see and Hear veterans of our wars, while they are alive, tell em to take the hat off while inside the house,to wonder in the woods..theres million ways to show em what we are and where we came from.

Anyways, tomorrow, is a meaningfull day to me and i wanted to tell that to you as well.

IF you find this post offensive and take me as a right-wing extremist or any neonazi sympathizer, youre wrong. I just happen to love my country, as you might love yours, and we both have the righ to feel so.

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Gorges Smythe kirjoitti...

God bless you for your patriotism! EVERY nation needs more people with such feelings!

Abo kirjoitti...


Thats cool. Happy finnish independence day!!

Your flag and the flag of my province of ulster is similar.

We have a red hand in the middle and the colors are white and red.

The story goes that the red hand comes from when the land was first claimed.

A boat of kings had a race and approached the land and the leader said. "the first person to place their hand on the land owns it" of course the kings jumperd over the side and started swimming not waiting for the boat to dock. One wise man stood back and calmly lifted his sword and proceeded to chop off his own hand. He then threw the hand across the sea where it landed on the land and the land was his.

This kind of nuts behavior says it all about the peiople here. People from ireland are known as warriors the world over and are greatly respected as soldiers. we have it in out blood i think.

Akiri kirjoitti...

Happy independence day Perkunas! Respect for this post.

Joel kirjoitti...

"EVERY nation needs more people with such feelings" Indeed, and politicians should learn a thing about it too. I hope your nation manages to remain out of the Euro madness. Those politicians want a united states of Europe. Being proud of their own nation is no longer a requirement for them it seems. Money and power is what they're after. And yet, just look at the mess they have now produced, It's nothing they should be proud of.

Fimbulmyrk kirjoitti...

I am a German, as many of you know, and patriotism is a bit of a problem over here. But it illustrates a big issue of that. We Germans are often ashamed of our past, and I daresay we are right in being so, for something like the Third Reich should NEVER happen again anywhere.
But it were people that fought and died. They fought in WW I for nothing else but an identity. Germany is a big melting pot of different cultures. Bavarian culture is very different to Pruzzian culture in Berlin, for instance. There were dictators making profit from the fact that people were searching for an identity. If you do not know where you come from and if you do not know who you are and where you should be headed, you are easy to manipulate. I daresay that is the case with the leaders nowadays. they supposedly do not want people to have an identity. Intelligent people with a background and something to believe in tend to ask some uncomfortable questions.

I love my country, the hills, the mountains, the people, and the culture. We can be proud of many things apart from certain apects of our history. If we are, we can talk to other people who love their countries and get to know them on a respectful basis. Only patriots can do that, if you ask me, and the European union would be a whole different matter, if the people made it and not those "banksters".

I wish you strength, and you are righteously proud of your country. Your love for it makes me want to get to know it, and no bankster could do anything against it.

Thanks a lot once again, bro.

Perkunas kirjoitti...

Its something i dont get,the Germanys never-ending burden of past, especially with holocaust. As if your now living youth etc, people born after WWII would be guilty to anything ?
Theres always been holocausts, performed for religious, racial etc"reasons",all kinds of atrocities, in various lands.War is never brave and pure, knightlike event no matter how we would like to see it as one. Finns took part in concentration camp actio too, by catching people, by germans given lists and orders, and sending jews etc forward. We can say that we werent nazi´s but yet, our war history aint pure at all either.
In russia, has been killed so much people, by Stalin etc, but somehow, it has been like hidden. I guess the Germanys horrors, went, in time when multinational press, etc were evoluting in such speed that world saw, and read whats going in auschwitz, almost online-speed, compared to times before that. So maybe because Germans anti jew actions etc were the first ones, show all over the world, you are still known widely for those events although Germany for sure was not and will not be the last nation to commit shit like that.
I have nothing against you, even IF your grandfather would be an SS man, since you are still not. I couldnt care less about that as its not your fault, as its not germanys fault at all either, as people living there nowadays.
People here, see every german WW2 soldier as a brutal killer of innocents, and i see it differentially. I am sure that no matter how men were part of the same machine, killing people and pushing em in to gas chambers, etc, not every Wehrmacht soldier did a damn thing to kill jews. If he was to fight in africa or finnish lapland, he aint a holocaust do´er instantlty to me. Hell, in Finland, Germans and Finnish soldiers are an in many ways, still are, brothers in arms and Germans gave us a lot of help, to army and also to civilians, by building houses and offering medical aid, sending food here etc, before we had to turn our own artillery against Germans, as peace with Russia, required Finns to push Germans away from our land and this wasnt an easy thing to do, to start a fight against our former companion. We have people, born from relationships between Finnish women and German soldiers that were shot in battles, by Finns, etc, all sorts of not so happy things.
The worst thing is that armies fought and died, as well as millions of totally innocent civilians, in bombings and in concentration camps, just to see world still turn in this. People were killed for absolutely nothing in the end. This globe wont turn in to better no matter how much theres war, as war is just a branch of business and its worth fighting, i hear, to gear selling companies and private contractors in the field. May it be in name of terrorist chase, or just straightforward for oil, people at home and in battlefields, have needs and there always will be providers for profit. Theres not enymore,if there even ever was, good or bad, in war, it is world of its own, and usually the most poor and weak are the ones to pay.
Peace sells, but who´s buying ?
Patriotism, is sadly, almost always, seen as bad. As if a man who doed his time here in army, and takes voluntary field exercises once, twice a year, would be something to be ashamed of. Todays world, is about opening borders to Anyone with Any background. If not, the gatekeeper is called a tight minded racist and a human right breaker. If a guy here, wears a national flag in his jacket, or in his bumber sticker, its almost as if he would be having a swastika instead. You have an attitude problem if you carry a national flag etc, they say. To me, having a Finnish flag in my pole, it does not mean that i am against any others, or that i want to kill foreign people visiting Finland either. Its just a national flag, of the country i like, and for what i would fight for, but surely, the flag aint representing racial prejudice, or religional, and i like to meet foreign people.

Fimbulmyrk kirjoitti...

And, bro, I know that, and for that I respect (and like) you.

As I said on many occasions, the world is still round. It is not even that fighting each other is bad or evil. Hell, humans have fought each other for aeons and where would the human race be without wars to regulate the population? Oh, and I am proud to be a German, too, for the generations after WW II have learned a thing or two. We still have the remnants of a good social system (that is currently unmounted by political forces), public health care, a very living culture and a history of poets, artisans, craftsmen and artists, engineers and scientists to be proud of. Our flag bears the colours of democracy, and this is something to be proud of, too. I love the rolling hills near my home, the forests, and I am proud that there is awareness environmental responsibility even in the business promotion job where I work. We DO have problems with immigrants of a radical Turkish, Arabian and other backgrounds. But that concerns radicals. Oh, and we have problems with radical neo-nazi groups. Again, radicals. They always appear as the weak ones to me, the ones to be pitied (after you whacked them, of course, with a decent-size stick*g), for they have to hold onto this poor shred of identity. They chose the path to define themselves by hating anything around them that does not belong to them, when they could do a much easier job loving what is around them. And this makes all the difference. And I believe a soldier or a warrior who loves his country and fights for it is a better individual than some piss-off who does not fight for anything and does not believe in anything. I respect any individual which stands up for his saying and for his family, his beloved and the country he loves.

I have made my peace with German history, but if I said "I am proud to be a German" without explanation, my German readers would quite surely jump at me, for this is exactly the slogan of a neo-nazi political party (NPD) fishing for election numbers and I do not want to be mistaken.

As I said, I respect any soldier who does what he does consciently. Some of my friends are currently working ops in Afghanistan, and while I still hope they come back in one piece and while I strongly question the sense in fighting a guerrilla war with regular land troops, (oh, and it IS a war, contrary to what German politicians continue saying) I also deeply respect them for the job they do. If they need a friend when they come back, I will be there. And I guess that´s the case all over the world.

When I first read the Ilias, I was disgusted, for Homer is no stranger to describing violence and bloodshed en détail. It is quite a realistic description of warfare with not so much romanticism. But then I realised the protagonists were humans still, no fighting machines. They fought for what they believed or against the taking of their home. And isn´t it always the case with that: Taking land, getting richer, the strong preying on the weak? A sorry fact, but one with a quick remedy: Get strong.
But when I read on I really liked the fact that Agamemmnon got his arse kicked by Achilleus in the end. Simply because the hero walked his path through to the end.
I believe we need more warriors, not more soldiers. I guess you, for one, know what I mean. For I guess your attitude comes close to that. If we do so, the Agamammnons of our world, the tyrants and dictators and preachers of hate would get their arse kicked, too. Not by directly getting rid of them in an act of violence, but because they simply cannot keep up. For they are the weak ones of our world.

Again, I sincerely want to express my deep respect for you, and your attitude, and also for your country. This is a respect that would be no less if I had to fight you, which I hope will never be.;-)