lauantai 11. helmikuuta 2012

Back on line.

After X-mas ive been struggling with the never-ending electric cut-offs made by either storms,winds and mostly, heavy snow loads on wires and trees that crack and fall on the lines, breaking phonelines, web link towers,and at home, my computer.... But, now today i got a "new" computer and i am installing some photoshops in it, and such to be able to make the leuku review real, as during last week, the last of the 5 leukus arrived and in fact, if tomorrow we have clear sky, i will be goin out to play with the leukus and take pictures and such, as ive been now writing the topic already.

Please DONT steal my pictures. I´ve noticed some pics that are mine, on websites that i have nothing to do with.....capish :) ?. Othervise ill stop adding pictures or i´ll add a bright copyright-mark and my blog address in middle of every picture that i post here.  If you want to use my pictures, you sure can do it thru IMG/URL codes,that direct the reader to my blog, or just add a link, that guides the reader here too. Thats when we both get something good out of it.

Well, as the electrics are a necessary evil related to many things in modern way of life, i havent been able to forge my own leuku or do much at all, as the black smith shop is at the end of one line, and its not a primary target to all i can do is waite till theres a stable electric current so i can continue my forging hobby.

One day i went and made a small needlecase, and thats about the only sense making item ive been making at home in a long run.

But, actually, its kind of a...well...more than good that when theres not computer, no easy web acess and you dont want to star to watch ovie at home as the electric cutdowns will most likely make movie a hell to watch when you have to put the machines on, and statr to watch the movie again and again....that makes you want to go out, and just walk and wonder, sit around fire and ice-fish, and other outdoor things. And thats, what it all should be about,goin out.

4 kommenttia:

Gorges Smythe kirjoitti...

It's a shame about the stolen photos. The markings detract so from the photos. I think there's a way to keep folks from copying them at all, but it's beyond me.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Good to see you back online!

Man I'm looking forward to your leuku posts! Let's go, let's go! ;)

That's a great needle case. It's kind of a Saami-style one, right?

Nice winter outdoor pics, too.


Perkunas kirjoitti...

Thanks gentlemen !

BM, yes, is kind of similar to saame needle cases, as theres a variety of ways to do those, and saame people have done em from many types of bones and leather / cord, theres not right way to do it. I didnt even try to copy any specific design and went on with my own vision, but i think it turned out noce and useful. I have several of em already and this one went to my girlfriends belt.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Beautiful work as always. I have some light weight leather laying around that I see quickly becoming a sewing kit like this. Sorry to hear your pictures are being stolen. Not cool!