maanantai 2. heinäkuuta 2012

Venture Tech Sheath Systems P.A.C.K One point One (1.1) incoming.

This summer sure keeps me busy at work, but, i am trying to get some weekends totally free to do some outdoors stuff and crafts.

Also, along few other items, i am going to offer you a review & field use review, of this very interesting new pack, that i REALLY think to fit the bills & needs of many different outdoorsmen, from Bushcrafters to hunters, and from dayhikers to UltraLight packpackers and several others. What i found immediately, when i saw the pack for the first time, as best thing of this pack was that its made to be customised, so that you dont have to pay for functions that you dont need and offers you a simple way to sew accessory pockets, buckles,straps and such in the way that YOU need to have em. Also, i dont know any other pack that comes un-dyed, un-waxed , as does this pack, so you can use your favourite tin-cloth mix, greenland wax or  anything, to treat your pack as waterproof as you want, after you have customised and dyed in the way You want it. Also, its old, vintage like appearance must be a joy for many people out there,  who like to use older looking gear, without having to break your bank to get one. Just switch the buckles to brass ones, or steel....and you have an affordable, new rugged, pack to carry your gear.

Its the clever pack from Venture Tech , named as "P.A.C.K" that comes from Personally Accessorized Canvas Knapsack

You can already read about the first 1.0 version of this pack, at Woodsmonkey.

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