torstai 16. heinäkuuta 2009

My new "handmade" hiking axe

Oh,after making charred cloth i continued whittling a new handle(?) from birch log i got from my pal some months ago,its been in his shed drying for almost three years.And damned i got it done,i even finished it a bit with sandpaper,just a bit,and gave it a nice reddish brown dye,plus some old school tar-treatments ive studied from my grandpa ( may he rest in peace,the most influencing man ive ever known),and tied up some tripwire as did my ancestors,to prevent shaft from being broked so easily from mis-hits etc.

The axe head is about 40 yrs old Fiskars,it started its new life now,as it was really beat up one,simple model before i re designed it,forged and welded it in to whole new style,and i also made pretty nice hardening and annealing to it,with help of this blacksmith who has also teached me to make knives better.Finally i put some gun blue stuff in it to make it more durable against rust and wear.

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