torstai 16. heinäkuuta 2009

Common man´s charred cloth project

Today i had nothin special goin on,and i felt guilty to waste time inside so i went to my backyard to make some DIY charred cloth in this cheap barbeque grill caus ei was runnin out of char cloth.

So this is how it went.

First i found empty bb gun´s pellet tin lyin in the shack,i took it,cleaned it a bit,punched about 1/8" hole in the lid.Then i cut some 2 by 2 inches pieces of old black BDU uniform pants as theyre mad eof rugged 100% cotton.These bits i piled nicely in the tin,screwed on the lid gently and put in on the on the grill of the bbq fire,for a while.In some point it started to smoke and i took it out,just to notice that black dyed cotton turns into this greyish brown,before it turns out into coal black.So it went back to fire,for a sec again.And in no time it was ready,nice stack of spark catching cloth that i put into small plastic bag and this i put into my fire-kit along with firesteel,flint strikers,and flintstone etc.

Time well spent.

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