keskiviikko 15. heinäkuuta 2009

Favourite tools pt.1

Well,as i said that id talk few words about the tools i like to carry almost daily,especially in the woods,or during other trips,heres the first one:

Victorinox Oh Trekker.

-i bought this one overseas,as used but in pretty decent condition (here these cost more than the item combined with shipping from overseas),and its been modified at some point a bit,so it has now a stainless steel pocket clip and the original partially serrated blade is now ground in fully plain shape,as the serrations arent so much needed.Though i really dig the swiss way to put sarrations in the point of the blade,not in the back of the blade,so the blade is good for occasional and even accurate whittlings too this way.If the serrations would be in the root of the blade it would not be good for whittling etc.

Anyways,i like the tool set-up used in OHT ( ohstands for One Hand,as it can be opened with just one hand,liek spydercos do to,caus eof the big hole in the blades spine),it has well made,proper sized phillpis screwdriver,its somewhere in between of official size 2 and 3,which are most commonly used ones.

It also has awesome saw,if you notice the size of it too.its sharp as fangs,and maintains the sharpness too,and does it just fine.Saws are good if youre into tripwires,snares etc that require good notches made,and for other camp tasks as well,from making repairs to cutting small fresh branches.

Other than those mentioned above it also has that useful awl/spike/needle tool,needed often,even at home for making small holes to start yanking some hook screws in to wall and so on,clearing smut from your rifle,or other dirty mechanbical gear that needs some cleaning.
And ofcourse it has the regular can opener/small flathead tool,bottle opener/large locking flathead tool.Although i prefer Wenger´s dedicated can opener over Vic´s,as it opens the can much better...But combinations are also like these and this Vic tool does the both jobs good still so im certainly not complaining about it,its just that ive never had to use small flathead duing any of my trips till now :),but ive opened a FEW cans .

The locking flathead is good as it wont snap on your fingers when jerking that old rusty screw,and as is the blade too,it uses simple,rugged and very reliable liner lockind device that is about sensless to any dirt you come across,compared to any of those hitech locks that have to be clean in order to work properly.

Ive attached a small,more like miniatyre firestarter to oht too,so im always packed with means to make fire too.

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