keskiviikko 15. heinäkuuta 2009

Back from the woods

Well im back from the trip in Da woods.I had to bail out bit earlier as i got this horrible migraine "stroke",and i could just stay in dark,and throw up :),but until that i really liked all that action we had,sleeping in emergeancy/hand made shelters,under tarps,sittin around camp fire,fishing a bit too...we enjoyed mushrooms,fish,berries,plant roots,et.

Lots of goin in the moist bushes with only compass to aid in direction,and no idea about final destination,its cool to me,as ive used to put my tarp where ever i stop,and thats my camp that time,i dont need all the goodies,just some warm food,and shelter from rain and wind.

At one morning.....hah..i felt i havent really slept a bit or more than an hour or so..well...i woke up,all wet and chilly an dother woke at the same time too and said good mornin to me with grin smile on their face and at that point i realised i was maybe the only one who actually slept relatively well and they had just been listening me snoring :) all night long.

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