lauantai 11. heinäkuuta 2009

Off to survival camp now :)

yep,im headin out to survival camp/trip for 4 nights,im leaving home in some 5 hrs from now,im pretty damn excited,though the gods of weather are lookin me with an moist eye,its pooring down from the skies above now and forecast says it will continue for some 70 hrs on various levels,but theres one good thing about the rains too...We can make open fires,from branches etc,and sleep in lwean-to´s in bit more better conditons as the fire can reflect some heat to our wilderness bunks now.

and again,as i like to get old school and i dont like to horde all the gear in the world,to my possession,i still fancy some items over others,and heres a few for starters.Its just a pic representing some of my most importand things i carry,everyday basis,especially on days in the woods n trails.I think im about to write up some poor-mans reviews from time to time,or tell my opinions about some gear i have,desire or have disappointed in.

well...i muts hit the bed now,and when i return from camp,ill tell about my gear in the pic,and some telltale about our survival excursion.

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