torstai 9. heinäkuuta 2009

Some updates


Life sucks now,im bit frustrated and totally broke so im not doin or creating anything now,in close past or maybe even in nearby future.I just have to call it stop,now,and hang out in school,try to learn all kinds of animal-bird-plant,many races and types.but im about to take off to 4days long survivalhike&cam with just minimal gear.Well it aint the minimalistic as it could go,but its pretty small list of gear we are allowed carry.Just knife,blanket,compass,pen and notebook,either rainjacket or similar,but i do take my good old german army´s big poncho,as it has these hole-rivets that allow it to be used as tarp etc,so its multifunctional,better than just plain jacket would be.And also im taking stainless steel cup,big one so i can boil water in it,and 2 hooks,some line,hand forged fire steel with flintstones,and thats about it,all im taking there,besides clothes im wearing and small amount of rock salt and 120 grams of chocolate.

I dont think this is the hardes course im goin to participate as ive been in two course before with less gear and no food was allowed in gear.Yes, i will suffer from hunger if i dont catch any fish or eat mushrooms and berries,roots of plants,but its ok,more than fine by me and im taking this one seriously too,as survivalism is close to my soul.

oh,hey heres one knife im making,it aint the finest nut its good to me.

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