maanantai 28. syyskuuta 2009

Back from the forest.

Well its sad but im back in the civilization again.But it was damn good two days vacation at my friends dads summercabin,made in 50´s. Its simple but compared to to the usual lean-to´s i use it was like overwhelming,but i dont complain at all,no sir. Especially caus ewe had one not-so-into-wilderness girl with us there,so it was good place for her to,as there was warmth and shelter and all the small necessities she has used to use .I was almost around the clock at the lake,fishing with one or two buddies and we had about 30 good sized fishes,which we gutted and salted,and put most of them into freezer,but few we smoked in makeshift smoking box and in one splitted old truck´s air-brake canister which had been there as bbq grill and just lying un used for some 10 yrs,but with little tinkering it was good to go. I whittled some juniper in the bottom of it,followed by about ten sugar cubes and hint of whiskey i had there,to give a nice catch on the taste,and it seemed like we completed the smoking well,deciding from the grins on my friends face when we tasted it. Girls gathered up berries and some fungi too. Rest of the time i was mainly chilling out,having sauna,eating,talking some s--t and planning on next trips,especially one were goin to do at end of summer 2010,it will be pretty harder task as wed like to get as many people with us,so he have to plan the days according to everyones schedules.

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Hendrik M kirjoitti...

Hienot kuvat! Very nice Hauki as well, I hope to get some when I am back in Tampere on Thursday. Is that other one in the first photo a Taimen tai (Kirjo)lohi?

ah, and nice that I now can comment here!

Perkunas kirjoitti...

Its hauki yes,but the other one was harder to rsay,even my friends dad whos been fishing for his entire life couldnt say for sure is it Säynävä or Siika,but i think its säynävä cause its missing the "rasvaevä" greasefin,which siika has,but then...if its säynävä,its bit odd shaped...who knows,but it was very tasty,and tastes like siika,which is one of my favourites.

So you live too in Tampere?
At first when i put my firs comments to you,i guess i was making it in Finnish,a si didnt realise that youre maby german after all,im sorry for that :).

I have loads of pics but i gotta learn how to arrange them here better.

Hendrik M kirjoitti...

Joo, mä asun Tampereella, ja olen Sakemani (tai Saatana Saksalainen Lapinpoltaja, kuin mun suomaliset kaverit sanovat!). I speak a bit Finnish, so no worries =)