sunnuntai 20. syyskuuta 2009

Sort of shorty Khukri "knife"

This is managed to do today at forging course,from old leaf spring,that was eight millimeters thick and about 70 millimeters wide. Its banged against anvil,to thickness of an quarter inch,from handle to the beginning of the wider part of the blade,which still is 8 millimetrs thick,measured from the spine,so the weight is mostly on the front of the blade,to improve the performance when choppind down something. The holes on the handle are there merely to lighten up the handle and give better balance,although two of them are for brass pins,which im about to use to attach two slabs of some harder quality wood or maybe G10 scales,to make the handle more comfortable to handle for longer times. It was very hard to do this,as its my first,its very stubborn and hard material to forge. It has quite long bevels,ground with angle grinder,sandpaper,and all the necessary spinning gadgets to give very sharp and long lasting ( it seems the hardening vent well,as did the annealing too )edge,although this aint for whittling :) .Its about 18 inches long by the way.

Now i have a lot more knowledge and knowhow to make next one faster and better,thanks to the blacksmith dude who was our instructor there and understand that some folks just dont have that much of intrest to the traditional finnish puukkos,although i love em too.

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