lauantai 19. syyskuuta 2009

Litlle bit of som new handmade stuff

Here you go,my new knife,done entirely by me.

Blade is bit over 10 centimeters,and its 3 millimeters thick,made from hi carbon steel blank,forged and ground,hardened and then annealed into about 59hrc of hardness.

The handle is made from curly birch,which i sunk into pitch black leatherpaint as its longlasting and penetrates wood well,after the assembly ( with epoxy and brass hardware) the handle has been oiled and polished just a bit,and the blade has been oiled with thin layer of food grade oil to prevent rust and od taste if i use it for stuff ill be eating.

It hasnt got sheath yet but im getting that done too when i get some leather.

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