torstai 8. lokakuuta 2009

Day well spent indeed


today i packed up my old backpack,with some food portions,cofee making gear,few knives etc,for me and my girlfriend,and picked up my kid bro,and head out to trail nearby,walked for a while,and just stopped at this nice rocky hill,where you could watch the beautiful fall colours,army training planes(old propeller planes) flying low over us,blue skies and these nice nice colours,of the falling leaves.

At the same time i used my F1 for the first time,i batoned it thru 3 inch branches,rotten stumps,carved freshly dropped pine with it,and hacked it thru some wood lying there,and it did sure perform as i suggested,flawlessly,without almost any effort,except for cutting this 3 inch branch in half,as the f1 aint as long as s1 that has longer blade with more leverage and hitting power. The handle has nice angle offering very accurate handling which might help with some detail work in future,as this was just a pleasant test drive to me with this famous knife.
My bro tried it too,and seemed astonished about how sharp it is,and it sure is,i dont deny.
He was there testing his Hukari,which is a beast for a knife,its more like an machete,and cut thru thicker woods easily,is easy to sharpen and worth its value,although its crude in finish but hey,function over design and coolness as ive said before. The only thing it needs is better sheath,but its easy to make it using the factory made as liner to new leather sheath or what ever he decides to use for it. Also he took his Esbit cooker there and i throw him a pack of the tablets so he could go and try it,and after we recovered this half rotten stump of a log cutted ages ago,which offered nice shelter from chilly fall winds,it took only some 5 minutes to get half litres of cold water to roll-boil in my cheap stainless steel measure mug. So we just enjoyed our time there,by testing out some equipment,made these few outdoor meals,and did coffee and cocoa for dessert,which always tastes better when your ein the wild.oh hey i also used my Aurora firesteel,gathered up some tinder from old juniper´s bark,birch bark and some tiny but dry ( it has been raining a lot for last days)i dug out under trees shadows. It took just some three strikes to get tinder into fire,and me smile or grin as my bro said. Then we "had" to get back to home areas,to take and heat up the sauna to crown the day well spent.

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Hendrik M kirjoitti...

Sounds like a day well spent! Where did you go, which forest?

Perkunas kirjoitti...

I dont actually know,its between village of Killo and this small lake,kotajärvi.