maanantai 12. lokakuuta 2009

"new" Jacket,British used DPM camo Windproof Smock

Postman brought me today,once again,some military surplus,from my favourite shop Varusteleka. Its British,issued,dpm camouflage pattern,windproof Smock. Close relative to precent soldier 95 jackets they use. No experience yet but soon i will tell you what thoughts i raised. I ve been hearing opinions that its well made simple rugged jacket,and im trying it out now with modest expectations,although i wish it suits my needs well,as i really like the design of it,and DPM is my favourite pattern,along with american tiger stripe camouflage.And i also choose surplus as its somehow more economical IMHO,than buying the latest gear from the outdoors shops.Although i rarely find anything into outer layer of garment, from those shops,as the colour schemes give me headache :).

-One thing i noticed immediately was that i must modify the hood a bit,as i will run an electric wire thru some seam of hood,so it gives me an option to shape it better.The hood drops badly in front of my eyes now,but i will work on it to get it sorted out.

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