sunnuntai 29. marraskuuta 2009


Today ive spent entire day,by trying to pack up my gear,and removing them,just to re-pack em again with something added and something removed.its prety good excercise to think these over and over again,and try to be reasonable with your kit. Im minimizing my cookware and shelter,and also throwing away all un-necessary spare clothes as no one gives a damn how clean youre there ,as long as your underwear and breath are ok). But one thing is,that i will not cut and reduce and thats nutrition so ive packed up pretty decent amount of food already and i think i will add more if package from Solution foods makes it here before take-off.Other than their supply,im having stuff to eat from Finn-Savotta,and some items from British army mre´s,as well as one whole Finnish military MRE portion as back-up & emergeancy nutrition. Kitchen is made out of that Primus Gravity VF multifuel burner,Primus EtaPower kettle,one Spork and aluminium windbreaker thingy. On my daypack im carrying Varusteleka´s us army field canteen and cup it has,theyre good for dayhike,even in winter as you can toss the cup in fire and melt more water out of snow,boil some coffe and things like that. As a spare,im taking one flameless heater along too,it doesnt take space at all,if reliable at any climate and does it job more than well.

Ok now im heading to have a sauna with my gal and buddies,ill be back im sure :)

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Hendrik M kirjoitti...

I wish you a safe and exciting trip, and am looking forward to hear your stories from the north!