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Lapland kit thoughts

I am starting to gather up my kit for the trip now,and stressing about it,heh.

Theres this one factor setting me some boundaries,and its the list of gear"you need" set up by instructor(s),heres what they require us to bring with us:

-Rucksack & raincover
-Winter sleeping bag
-Ski ´s
-Ski ´ing boots(as we use wilderness ski ´s,most uf then have bought rubberboots having proper toe and heelshape for the skis,which are used military ones)
-Camp boots (warm and high)
-Clothes suitable for ski ´ ing
-Clothing for camp life (insulated/warm,lots of)
-Cloves and mittens
-Neck protection,like scarf or something
-stormglasses (im using motocross goggles anyway)
-Personal first aid kit
-Toilet paper
-Knife :)
-Headlamp &flashlight and sparebatteries
-ice spikes? (as we will walk and work on icy lake too,when fishing there)
-Some fishing kit

Plus these,if you are having someone as partner,you will share these:
-Camping stove

And what we all,participants will share are:
-Military type tent with wood burning heater
-Coffee pot
-Ski wax
-Two shovels
-Spare pair of ski´s
-Garbage sacks,few.

Quite a list,aint it?

Im adding these t o my own kit,no matter what they say or what wil it weight
-My own tent (if i cant sleep under bare sky,which im about to do.They wont sleep when i sleep due to my hidious snoring)

-Folding saw,bahco laplander

-More food :)

-Camera & spare batteries

-One more knife

-One multitool ( i think it will be Leatherman Core)

-Us army field canteen with belt poch and steel mug in it

-Camelbak M.U.L.E,military issue version,without bladder,to act as my possibles pouch in camp and nearby,its big enough to carry spare socks,first aid kit,thermos flask,and sort of stuff.And it rolls up in tiny space in my rucksack.

-Neck-kit,concisting of Victorinox OH Trekker,Scout firesteel,tiny led flashlight and Suunto´s compass&thermometer-combo,all attached into Vic´s kydex neck sheath,which has some length of paracord,so its comfortable to have hanging from your neck all the time.This will provide me aids to fire,navigating,light/visibility,and tool to make shelter or what ever.This kit is around my neck even at home.

-Cooking device.I havent got new good one,for winter,so im bringing my trusty old MSR pocket rocket & Primus Etapower kettle there.Plus Esbit cooker in my camelbak with stainless steel mug.With tyese two small objects i can heat a meal,drink or boil water for my hiking dryfood,if the gas burner wont operate in cold climate,which wouldnt be odd at all.

-Sleeping mattress,its Finn-Savotta´s military version,which is about half inches thick and covered with tough waterproof cloth,and it has these sleeves folding aside,so its wider that way.I dont trust my cheap self-inflating one,at all in trips like this,in harsh froxzen places.And i kind of fell in love to this sturdy army mattress when i was in army,and now,finally i will have my own.

-Tripwire,duct tape,needles,pins,buttons,thread,spare zipper pullers,tent spares,in small pouch,as ive learned the hardway the murphys law.

-These are items ill be carrying around for sure now...i think:)....should i add or throw away something...?

Oh hey,this aint all,no.We will be spending two night during going to the place we start to ski,in cabin,and one when we return from trip,as well,in cabin,thats where we will change to hiking clothing and back to normal clothing,and scrub away the sweat in sauna,so we must take some bathing gear and spare,clean clothing too along....GRRRREAT.

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