torstai 12. marraskuuta 2009

Varusteleka´s hand-out.

So,just this morning i received another nice reply to my email,from this Finnish Surplus & military gear shop,Varusteleka. They are sending me US Military´s full,modular sleeping bag,along with few other items too. Im then about to test the sleeping bag and see how it stands out in laplands temperatures in winter,as theres not much info or published writings about it,saying does it allow you to sleep in comfort,in finnish winter. I think it might actually as us army does dot screw up things when it comes to gear,usually. Its more likely to notice the gear surviving better than expected but this bag just got me(and few others) intrested,cause its rugged,and the modular design allows you to adapt to the elements youre facing. Its combination of thinner sleeping bag for "better",warmer climates,and thicker one,for those below zero-temperatures. And as a crown of all,it has this removable Gore-Tex bivy bag,where you can stuck eithe rone or both of these sleepingbags,making it (i assume) pretty awesome kit,as the bivybag makes it more insulating and offers shield against rain and wind. It comes in black sturdy compression sack.this is what i know it so far,and after the trip,im much more wiser about the bag.Till then i can just wait it to arrive :)

So,what more can i say now,than Thank you Varusteleka,for your generous support.

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Hendrik M kirjoitti...

Nice news! I guess its a bit too heavy for my taste, but the idea sounds great. I got a similar modular bag from Sir Joseph, so Summer bag and Winte bag, just no bivy, but that's always something you can add. Curious to see some photos!

Perkunas kirjoitti...

Yep,i think is not light in any way,man:)
its something like 4 kilos total,if not 4.5.

i just found atleast some info about it and its saying it would allow soldier to sleep comfartably at some..about minus 30 celsius.We´ll see about that during my pre-christmas ski trip into lapland and i think at february when its even colder and im heading into Sodankylä then.

Finnman kirjoitti...

Interesting piece of kit. I have also eyeballing that for awhile. How it have worked for you?