keskiviikko 11. marraskuuta 2009

Winter ski-trip to lapland,preparations

Ive been sending few e-mails to few companies & shops,and asking for their intrest,to offer some gear,to be tested and reviewed,during the trip im making,with my classmates,to lapland. Some companies have been intrested and ive received replies,its so good to get those from big companies thatt are surely busy all the time and im just one guy asking for gear,as sponsorship stuff or just bit cheaper,and all i can give in return to them,is photos of their products,in real field conditions,and story about how the equipment managed through the trip,links to their shops,and publicity in my modest Blog.

But,in this particular case,today i received just awesome,kind co-operation reply from Finn-Savotta,offering me a chance to get some stuff cheaper,and some for free samples,including rucksack and hiking meals,etc. So,id like to say thanks to them now,and ill be writing more as i get my hands on the products.

Ill be making a pre-trip review then,and after i get back,12 or 13th of december,im making a full scale post-trip writing,as thats when i really know how it all went,with me and the gear. But,a sive been using the rucksacks from their line,during my service in the army,and scouting,im pretty convinced that this kind of gear wont let me down. Their line of pack are very highly respected here in Finland,and some backpacks ive seen,are actually inherited from father to son. Thats something you dont see much these days. Its kind of ecological too,when gear is lasts for decades when its been taken care of and maintained,properly.

Thank you, Finn-Savotta.


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