perjantai 15. tammikuuta 2010

(almost) Traditional Winter Weekend With Friends ahead

Me and few buddies have been talkin´about doing again one trip to forest governments rental cabin.We´ve been able to do it for few years now and its almost as traditional now. So i got to pick up the cabin and found really nice one.I never do pick up a cabin with electrics running in it,as its not nice to see that in the forest cabin,guys would be just sitting inside,watching football,heating pizzas in micro-wave ove etc. I love non electrified cabins,where you have to warm it with logs,that you also must carry it,sometimes chop em. Cabins that have just lanterns and candles for light.cabins that are closer to days gone,and cabins closer to nature.Cabins that you use mostly for sleeping if the weather allows you to spend the day outside,by swimming,ice fishing,hiking,chopping wood,carrying water etc. I think its one delight,when you have carried water in,made the furnace hot,put on the fire in the sauna,and then,then you can just sit down and relax,maybe cook something above fire,in the cabins yard,or during rain,in the cabin. Its whole different atmosphere to talk with your buddies,in lanterns light.Not to mention sleeping in the old hard bunks,or to me,they arent hard at all,but some might think they are.I think i will,on next trip we are now deciding to do,take along kit to make fire with my handmade flint striking steel,if someone is intrested to learn that skill,or just to see how its done in real life.And  knife (offcourse) for whittling spoon etc,as ive notice people like these crude spoons ive made in our trips by whittling and hot coal carving.Also,ice fishing must be done,as i love that,even when the catch aint good,or none.But it would be nice to catch few fishes that i could fry and eat between bannock,as i like to do occasionally.Cooking without electric aids is something everyone should learnmjust in case,i think and cabin trips like this will be,give a nice opprtunity to do it if people want,and i hope they want. A small day hike is always wellcome,you just need some small pack filled with thermos bottle,some snack,or better yet,a real coffee pan to make coffee during break,upon fire. Nothing beats coffee made like that.Well,maybe coffee with some brew in it:).But otherwise,i dont care about drinking during trips.Its ok to take one or two beers after sauna,but thats enough. And in the morning,to make breakfast all together,is one joy too. To share what everyone brings in,in fun.So,between 12-14.3 im doing easy cabin-based winter trip & hike in a small about 100 years oold,very modest log cabin,about 100 kilometers from my home,near national park "Seitseminen".
It has room for ten,about,in two buildings. In the original log cabin and in the room of sauna building,which replaced the old one that burned,sadly.Ive been in many many cabins rented from finnish forest government,"Villi Pohjola",and i really like that system which allows men to rent a cabin,from all over Finland,for fair price. They offer good photos and explanations in their website,about cabins,their locations,as well as directions to get to the cabin. They have rated all cabins,depending on the quality of accommondations,like does it have road to door,fireplace or electrics,good place to swim or not etc.Ive never disappointed to any cabin and i think i wont in future.So im not worried about the cabin i chose today.

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The Suburban Bushwacker kirjoitti...

great link, maybe i'll be out there sooner rather than later.

Hendrik M kirjoitti...

Haha, we have the same taste in cottages as well! I rented Teerilampi for the beginning of February, when I will be there with seven Saksalaiset! I'm really excited about this cabin, it looks beautiful and should be a great experience.

Perkunas kirjoitti...

Say what:) ?
you better hide something there to be found.Ive done it several times,almost in every villi pohjola cabin ive visited,iv e hidden something in the nearby shacks,outhouses,under floor and so on,for some other one to find it,usually some of my friend who visits after me.

if youre hiking there when im at the cabin,please stop by,Hendrik.Im sure if youll bring your mattress and sleepingbag,youll find space to sleep there if u want to.

Hendrik M kirjoitti...

I will mark 12/ 13.03 in my calendar and might join you, could be fun to meet you and your friends. The Sauna better be on when I arrive!