sunnuntai 10. tammikuuta 2010


How i love winter,is what i realized once again as i was walking at our backyard,shore,plowing snow and carrying wood from yard to the old wooden building we have,where the sauna is too.Its so nice to hear that sound from your boots and snow contacting,seeing the squirrels jumping from the surrounding pines and birches,dropping snow on my shoulders.Laughing my dogs barking to squirrels that might even laugh back to them.I filled the tiny tipi shaped bird-feeder,and immediately squirrels and birds noticed that and left various small tracks on the snow.Its also kind of frustrating as i have to be inside writing stuff to my school and i cant go out anyway as im expecting one of my buddy to arrive to pick-up one knife from me,and im running from in- to outside,to add some wood to saunas furnace.But things could be worse :)

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