perjantai 8. tammikuuta 2010

Guyot Designs Squishy bowls on minus 22 celcius degrees.

Today it was sunny weather,no wind at all so i went for a walk to the shore,and took the new squishy bowls along so i could sip some coffee out of them.Nothing fancy in that action but before i used those,i placed those two cups into snow,about half of their height,and poured in water from lake,after i had hacked my axe thry the ice,so it was pretty cold stuff.I left the cups to freeze for two hours,and after my hike i came back to the place where i had these hidden.The water has iced for bit over one centimeter thick on surface on the bowl,and in the cup the water was fully iced.If i would put these on top of snowpile,the bigger might have iced all the way too but now,as i predicted,snow had acyed as insulation,preventing the water from freezing all the way rock solid.Anyway,i thought the cups would have gone more solid,but i really couldnt see any differense,they were as elastic as they were inside my home.I was positively surprised about this fact as i was afraid these might get more solid and crack.No,they didnt,i only had to squeeze my fingers over the cup and bowl,and roll my fingers for few times and the ice blocks came out just like that.

Now i can rely to these,more,and take these along to my next longer winter hike without a worry.

You can buy these from these finnish shops:
-Biwak Outdor

Thanks again,Cara and everyone at Guyot Designs.

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The Suburban Bushwacker kirjoitti...

They are such a good idea aren't they
I'm getting some