torstai 7. tammikuuta 2010

Guyot Designs Squishy bowl,cup and MicroBites

Today postman gave me a package from Guyot designs,and there was two of their nice looking Squishy´s,the cup and a bowl,both in nice bright blue. Also included was MicroBites,their answer to hiking & outdoors utensils,which ive been curious about for quite long time,these were in tangerine colour.

My first impression was wow,really. I didnt expect these to be so nicely finished and throughly thought items. The cup and bowl are actually in good size,the bigger takes about half liters and the cup is good for cup full of your favourite brew,with its 2 deciliters capacity.

The bowl and cup are feeling tough enough,so they dont collapse or squeese all by themselfs,but still you can easily grab these and stuu into your pot,pocket or where you want to carry and stash these,theyre amazingly rugged,i thought that these aint tough at all but i was wrong,you wont break these in accident,never with just bare hands. Although i will go out in below zero temsp to try these too,then ill se how they will react in normal camp eating & coking service.
Its not slippery material,it allows a good grip so the cup / bowl wont drop from your hands just like that,but still its slippery inside,or should i say smooth,for easy rinsing and cleaning.

The MicroBites were awesome gadgets to get,i mean these are something ive been drooling after for some time and now i have a set of my own,to test and carry. Ive been pretty disappointed to many non-metallic utensil this far,but as i use teflon coated pans and pots too,i cant just take the risk of ruining the precious coatings with steel/aluminium/titanium utensils. And the plastic ones ive owned. I dont know what i do wrong but they all tend to crack,in two pieces,especially when i do my thing in wintertime. But these,these look different indeed. The shape of the handle aint so flat as in others,so i think it will be stronger too,and wont break easily. Theyre 6" inch long which for me is ok,for most pots and hiking meal pouches,and you can always cut the bag shorter or roll the openings to be able to scrape the bottom of meal pouch clean. And hey,now as i have the Squishy Bowl too,i will be eating out of it :). The MicroBites-utencils offer a nice selection of cooking "tools" ,as it has a spoon,spatula,fork,spreader and a knife. With the design of the knife,you seem to able to scrape your cooking pot pretty clean,as it has nice round corner that fits nicely,atleast to my Primus pot as well as tatonka´s Sherpa kettle. Makes the washing a lot easier this way.

Well,thats all i can say now,after i ate my regular indoor´s meal with these.I havent taken these out yet but i will and then i will tell you more as i then know how these served me.but one thing i can tell you already is that these funny-looking gadgets are made well,better than i thought,i would easily recommed these already to anyone.

In Finland you can buy Guyot Designs products from :

And also,Biwak Outdoor:

One of my favourite outdoor´s enthusiasts,and YouTube video makers,Mr.Dave Canterbury has a good video including Guyot Designs Squihy Bowl,please check it out,and his shop too.

One last thing.
The Guyot Design is nice company,in my eyes,as theyre green minded,and work to make the process,of making their products,more economical by making stuff from recycled materials,and reducing the production emissions.

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