maanantai 25. tammikuuta 2010

Broken bones,damned.

Well,so it happened that being outside is dangerous.Its hard to type anything now so ill keep it short.I broked one bone from my shoulder,almost in to two pieces,and cracked another,so i am one handed now for a while.Really annoying.I am forced to do nothing,almost,and even getting myself in to clothing is harder but ill be doing something still,maybe even write something here.

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The Suburban Bushwacker kirjoitti...


That's bad news man.

In the UK the herb comfrey is know as knit-bone and (once the bones been set) is supposed to be a very good healing agent.

Get well soon

Hendrik M kirjoitti...

Oh man, that really sucks! Hope everything heals quickly without any lasting damages, and that you soon get again outdoors!