maanantai 25. tammikuuta 2010

CRKT / Doug Ritter´s RSK Mk5

Today,i was at home due to this busted hand i have,and postman dropped a letter to me,saying that theres a foreign package for me,in the local post office.The tracking code didnt reveal anything to me,the origins of the package remained a mystery,as well as the contains of it,for a long day,until my gf arrived and drove me to post office to pick up the package.It was big cushioned envelope,with some small item inside,and i as i went to car i just had to open it immediately,to see this carton box,made from recycleble material,bearing letters CRKT on top of it.I was pretty amazed to see that CRKT company had sent me their famous small fixed knife,made in collaboration with Doug Ritter,man known from his various survival kits,gear and knives.In the paper box was actually mor ethan the knife,as there was a lanyard,which you can use as extension of handle,by adjusting the knot on the lanyard,in way that the knot is in the end of your fist,tightly,when you get a hold of the knife.It seems to be funtional trick to add better hold of the knife.Also included was CRKT´s mini catalogue,so i will be drooling their knife line-up more,plus,a sheet with printed instructions for intented use,for knife and tips to make your own personal survival kit,in pocket size,which will fit in the nicely made tin,which also comes with the RSK Mk5 knife.The tin is pretty much the same size as many breath freshening mints,candies,Altoid´s etc,that popular way among many survivalists for that tiny but useful survival kit.I have always loved to gather up all sorts of kits,in tins like these,so im very eager to do one for the box supplied with this knife,as the knife itself,is also,designed and meant to be carried in a small kit,built in small container like the box is.The knife is made from 3Cr13 steel,and hardened to some 52-55 hrc,which is just good,as its easy to sharpen even with limestone found from nature,beach etc,and yet its hard enough for all necessary tasks.The drop-point,flat grind,blade has usable length of 1.75 inches/44 millimeters,and it weights some 27 gr in my scale,and 36 grams with the molded Zytel sheath it has.The sheath also has brass rivet with hole,for small lanyard or ball chain(2.4mm size or smaller),so its also good to go,as neck knife too.This knife brings to my mind that it might be intresting in the eyes of ultralight hiking people too,as it really seems to be skeletonized all the way,by machining everything that doesnt affect reliabilty,away.The hollow handle,and the few holes in the spine of blade,may also allow user to lash it,with paracord or other thin thread / wire,to make the handle bigger,or tie it to longer stick,so it might be used as spear,for catching small game or fish.

By now,i have only spent few hours playing with this knife and i think its very intresting and well made,even if you consider,that its made on purpose,to be affordable to anyone.Theres no flaws,nothing to complain about and im intrested to test this one,as soon as my hand´s condition allows it.

But,at his point,the first thing i really would like to do,is to say Thank you,to that person at CRKT company,that made it possible,for me to test their fine knife,and to do a review about it.

So,thanks a lot,CRKT.,0&search_id=112676

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Thunder In The Night kirjoitti...

I'm looking for something between my tiny swiss army knife and my Helle Fjellkniven that is light but suitable for collecting small wood for using in an ultralight wood stove. Would this CRKT knife be suitable? It's certainly nice and light.

Perkunas kirjoitti...

Well i think it might be very suitable,and ive seen those cutting inch thick branches.It dosnt weight anything in my opinion nad its very affordable.Plus the reliability of a fixed blade,compared to any lighweight keychain caliber folding knife.If you grind i shallow u-groove,or sharped the corners of frontal part on the spine of mk5,it might be good for firesteel scraping use too.I will do that small modification when my hands ok,for sure.And someone who likes to play and tie paracord everywhere,might be able to stash emergenzy firesteel inside handle.